10 Euros costs what you need to record and stream your games

Possibly if you dedicate yourself to streaming or other similar tasks, you may need a video capture device. There are many options on the market, but all of them are priced above 100 euros. A creator has developed a hdmi video capture of very good quality that only it costs 10 dollars.

Commercial grabbers offer a huge number of different options that, in many cases, are not used. Many simply want something simple and inexpensive that allows them to save the entire stream and then make clips. This developed and open source option is great and will allow you to save a lot of money if you are just starting out.

They create a very cheap video capture

YuzukiHD is a user who wanted to have a grabber and wanted something cheap. He went to work and has developed the YuzukiLOHCC Pro (Loop Out HDMI Capture Card). This simple capture device that we can do at home makes use of the open hardware interface HDMI to USB port 3.2 Gen1. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to capture video in 4K resolution.

We are talking about a fairly compact board that offers us the same performance as 200-euro capture cards. This simple grabber allows capture video in 4K @ 30 FPS. The good thing about this system is that it has a price about 10 dollars, come on, it costs about 20 times less than a commercial solution.

This capturer is based on the chip MacroSilicon MS2130 who does the homework conversion from HDMI to USB port. We must say that using this chip is a problem, because It is not easy to find it outside of China.. But, being an open source project, it is possible that other users will upload an update with a more accessible controller chip.

The board design is open source and recommends ordering the PCB from JLCPCB, but we can also make it in-house if we have that skill.

The only part that can be a bit tricky is the programming of the chip used. Those who want to venture into this you will need the SPI NOR EEPROM flasher or other similar device.

Without a doubt, it is a very interesting project that is capable of rivaling video capture devices. It is true that finer details are not fully appreciated correctly. The positive part is that there is no (or almost zero) latency between the game.

cheap video capture $10

A solution, without a doubt, impressive

This user’s creation is impressive and not only does he capture video, he can also capture audio via HDMI. Something that allows you to eliminate cables, making everything easier and more comfortable.

Something also really interesting is that this capture device is compatible with Windows 7 and more recent versions of the operating system. It’s also compatible with MacOS 10 and later, Linux distributions, and even Android, with no additional software required. But it is also compatible with OBS Studio software or FFmpeg.

We can access this project from the Yuzuki HD’s GitHub. The entire project is based on open source and open hardware. Something that allows hobbyists to improve or adjust the parameters of the capture device. This project, it should be noted, is based on the CERN Open Hardware License V2.