3 controllers for PC that are at a unique price for a limited time

Nacon GC 200 Wireless

Are you one of those who spends hours and hours playing on your computer? Well today you are in luck, because we have selected 3 controllers for PC that will leave you with your mouth open. And not only because of the discount they have right now on PcComponentes, but also because of the quality what are you offering. And how they will change the way you play!

If you play the computer, surely you know very well that there are games in which a keyboard and a mouse are not enough. Because while it is true that these peripherals are comfortablegood controls for PC can be much more.

Today, taking advantage of the discounts that have been launched from PcComponentes, we have selected three models that will leave you wanting to use your card. This is the best time to do it, without a doubt, because they are cheaper than ever.

3 controls for PC that will improve your games

And we start with the most affordable of all! Is he Nacon GC-100 Gamepad PC Controller in gray. It is simple, has a very ergonomic design and will make your games much more comfortable. You just have to see its shapes and lines! It is designed with each and every detail in mind, always paying attention to lines and grip.

Being connected by cable, you will not have to be constantly worrying about the battery. And this can become a key factor on many occasions! It fits well on all hand sizes, and has a Soft touch which makes the grip never slip for many hours you spend playing. In addition, it has integrated vibration motors that will make you feel part of the game. And for just €20!

The next model we bring is from Logitech, the Gamepad F310 controller. In this case, it’s still not wireless, so you don’t have to worry about the remaining charge. The distribution of the buttons is slightly different from the previous control, but just as comfortable. In addition, the shape makes it easy to spend hours and hours enjoying all the games as well.

It is striking that it has a floating control pad which is just above the four actuators. This will make the response to changes much better, and you can play more fluidly. Also, you should know that the cable is very long since it measures 1.8 meters. You will be able to separate yourself from the PC as much as you need! Their price has dropped quite a bit, and you can get it for only €27.

The most top and wireless!

The last one we wanted to mention is, in turn, the single wireless that we have added to the list. Is he model Nacon GC-200WLis of an intense black color and has a totally ergonomic design.

Nacon GC 200

It fits very well in the hand, both for its size and its design. In addition, it includes two vibration motors so you feel like you’re almost playing on a traditional console. As for the distribution of the buttons, it is comfortable and practical.

It allows you to walk away 10 meters of your PC without interference of any kind, and being Plug&Play it is very easy to connect anywhere. And it’s so lonely €33despite the fact that its price is usually around €40.