4 things you should know how to do on the PC if you want to find a job

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In many of the Job positions that we can access today, although they do not have much to do with technology, they ask us for certain knowledge about computers. As it could not be otherwise, these requirements are quite basic, but almost essential to be able to access that specific position.

And it is that in many of these jobs that we want to access today, in one way or another we will surely need make use of the computer. Precisely for this reason, employers ask us for certain basic knowledge about the operation and handling of the PC. That is why we are going to talk about some types of use that are usually requested in general jobs today.

We must bear in mind that most of us have a desktop PC at home right now. Although we are not very interested in technology, we use it to surf the internet, play games or for some basic jobs. This is an important advantage compared to a few years ago, when this type of device at home was not so common. This way we have part of the way resolved if when accessing that job they ask us for basic knowledge of technology.

But let’s see what kind of more or less basic knowledge we are usually asked for when look for work right now to get by with the desktop computer.

Basic knowledge of Office for work

Programs of the importance of WordExcel or PowerPoint are common these days. These are part of the Microsoft office suite, Office. That is precisely why, in most cases when trying to access a new job, they may ask us basic knowledge about these software solutions.

Generally, it will not be necessary for us to be experts, but we should have certain knowledge and work mainly in Word or Excel. Everything related to office work these days is quite important.

Know how to get by in Windows 10 and 11

That is not to mention the operating system that we are going to find the most on a regular basis on desktop computers. Obviously we will have to focus on Windows 10 and 11, so most companies are going to ask us to know how to move around it. Here we refer to solving basic problems, installing or removing applications and knowing the most common functions of the microsoft operating system.

Handle mail managers with ease

At the same time in many companies the use of email is more than usual. Hence, many of them ask us for some control over the most common managers, for example with gmail either Outlook. Due to the domestic use that we also usually make of these platforms, in most cases it will not be a problem.

Gmail work interface

Browse the Internet safely

Similar to what happens with the emailKnowing how to move around the internet is also quite important when it comes to finding a job these days. In most cases it will not be worth the use we make at home. With these we mean that in the job we want to access we will have to know how to move through secure pages, find information quickly, or even use some simple web applications.