4K, 50″ and Android TV: this TV has it all, and it costs €299!

android tv cecotec led tv

Did you know cecotec do you have tvs too? And of very good quality! The brand, which has become very famous in recent years both for its cleaning robots and its products for the home, also has some televisions in its catalogue. In addition, they have inside android tv, the most versatile system you can find at the moment. Continue reading!

The Smart TV that we bring today is the ALU00050 model from Cecotec, which has just come out this year 2023. It has a not inconsiderable size of 50 inches, as well as a 4K resolution that will make you enjoy all kinds of content like never before. Also, bring with you Chromecast incorporated, with which you will get much more out of it.

At Amazon they have lowered their price quite a bit. priceso instead of paying the almost €450 that is usually around, you can get it for only €299. This is due to the amazing 33% discount you have right now, which is worth taking advantage of. Don’t think about it too much, because it will be available only for Limited time.

With Android TV inside

Let’s start at the beginning! The screen that this television brings with it is type leds, it has 4K resolution and is fully compatible with HDR10. In this way, you will not miss a single detail of everything that appears on your television. Even the darkest series will be seen clearly and with all the color sharpness they really deserve. Another factor to consider is that it has Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, so you can enjoy this too.

As for the processor, it has four cores and will make the performance you notice very high. Both to navigate between applications and to play games, even those that you download from the application store itself! Because one of the advantages of this tv be Android TV is precisely that you can download games. If you connect a bluetooth remote, you will feel that television gives much more of itself. It will be almost as if you had a console, although without the need to invest more money. Also, having Chromecast, its usability is very good.

It brings with it two small legs, ideal for you to support it on any piece of furniture. Although you can also hang it on the wall if you wish.

Power at the best price thanks to Cecotec

Another point in favor of this Smart TV is that it allows you to do what is known as screen mirroring. In other words, you can send the content directly from your mobile without any type of complication. In addition, to this we must add that it also has PVR ready. This will allow you to record all your favorite content through the USB port. Do you want to record a series to always have it? Or do you prefer to record your games and then upload them to YouTube? It will be sewing and singing!

You will be able to achieve all this for only €299 thanks to the incredible offer that this TV has right now. Cecotec seems to want to compete with Xiaomi in terms of affordable but powerful devices, and it is succeeding!