4K images and surround sound with this Sony TV on offer

Sony 75X81K - 75" LED TV, 4K HDR

Have you been looking for one for a long time? Smart TV but you still haven’t found any that have convinced you? So you need to know the Sony 75X81K. This impressive television will provide you with a high quality and large image at the same time as surround and immersive sound. And the best thing is that right now It’s on sale thanks to MediaMarkt, who has lowered its price €230. Take advantage and go for it!

When choosing a good Smart TV it is important to look at such essential aspects like its size, the resolution of the image and the power of the speakers, for example. However, sometimes we let ourselves be captivated by the low price of some televisions in the store and we end up sacrificing picture and sound quality in exchange for a discount that is not worth it.

If it has ever happened to you, then get ready because with the Sony Smart TV that we are going to talk about today, it will give you everything that a high-performance model can give you, as well as a great discount. Do not you believe it? Keep reading and find out for yourself.

Your favorite movies in high quality with the Sony 75X81K

Without a doubt, the quality that users value most in a good Smart TV is its screen. But at the time of evaluate if a screen is good or notVarious factors come into play. Factors such as, for example, the size, resolution or even the technology of the panel that composes it. Therefore, it is important to define in detail what all these characteristics present in the Sony 75X81K are.

On the one hand, as far as size is concerned, has 75″ diagonal. A really big screen. Regarding its resolution, it has a Ultra HD 4K definition and is compatible with formats HDR imagewhich guarantees us that we will obtain realistic, well-defined images with vivid and bright colors.

The other component that will make the biggest difference in the quality of the image that is projected on your LED panel is the processor. It will depend on this if the image suffers delays and desynchronization or even sudden blackouts. In that aspect you can be calm because thanks to its Processor X1this Sony TV you won’t have any performance issues nor data processing.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning Audio system. Dispose of 2 20W speakers equipped with X-Balanced Speaker and Bass Reflex Speaker, two sound systems that enhance the sounds of bass frequencies and allow you to enjoy your favorite series and movies in all their splendor.

Enjoy your new Sony Smart TV today on offer

And best of all, right now MediaMarkt has a offer in this Sony television that reduces its price by €230, from its usual price of €1,478, which leaves us with a value of €1,249. If that seems like too much, you can think of it as €2.50 a day. ohclick on this link and access the offer right now to take it home before it runs out!