5 series to watch if you finished 1899 on Netflix and you loved it

1899 teaser

Yesterday we gave you advice on the best way to watch the series 1899 and today we return to the charge with the fashion series, this time, assuming that you have already drunk the incredible 8 episodes of its first season. is the case? Do you feel now orphaned by stories? Well, we are going to remedy it with these alternatives that you can consider to continue enjoying plots full of mystery and out-of-the-ordinary approaches.

Some of the following TV series are quite old but are great classics with a halo similar to 1899 that we cannot fail to mention here. In case you are from generation Z and up, you may not have even seen them so… take note.


Well, this one seemed obvious but that doesn’t mean we don’t let it suggest it. Before 1899 was born, its creators gave life to Dark, a German proposal that, although it initially went unnoticed, later became one of the great recognized jewels of Netflix. A disappearance and time travel These are the key elements of this story that will blow your mind.


The one that changed the way we saw and felt TV series. No doubt. Lost was a television phenomenon whose end generated one of the biggest debates in recorded history. Even today the famous question about whether or not you liked the ending of lost. It has its time, but everything around it is still magical.

The leftovers

If you want a series to spin around for a long time, you have The Leftovers at your disposal. It is a fiction of only 3 seasons that was not understood by everyone but that is capable of catching you if you end up letting yourself be carried away by its story and its characters, whipped by the unexpected disappearance of loved ones. It is created by Damon Lindelof, co-creator and screenwriter of Lost.

The OA

It only has two seasons and it is a series with which, let’s say, it is difficult to connect at first. Of course, in case you manage to get hooked, you are going to enjoy the mysterious story of Prairie, who reappears 7 years later of having disappeared, now calling herself OA, not counting where she has been and having regained her sight (which she had lost as a child).

Separation (Severance)

The star of the moment on Apple TV +. The series created by Ben Stiller has been quite a surprise for the subscribers of the apple platform and it is that nobody expected that this proposal, which came without making much noise, would end up receiving 14 Emmy nominations -which is said soon. Mark is the employee of a company in which he follows the same routine every day. So far nothing unusual. The mystery begins when we discover that once he takes the elevator to go to the office, Mark dissociates completely, forgetting about his outside life, and vice versa when he leaves the job: he is unable to remember what he does within the 4 walls of the company. A separation full-fledged personal and work life, go.