6 mistakes we make when we talk about Apple

mistakes when talking about apple

Apple, like any other company, has its own brands and peculiarities. Although it is also true that it is not necessary to be a scholar of the brand to speak well of it. In fact, even those of us who know the most about the brand often make mistakes when we talk about the brand or write about it. Do you want to know which are the most common?

We have all made one of these mistakes.

The first and most typical is Apple’s pronunciation. This, although it is a commercial name, is identical to that of “apple” in English. Therefore, it must be pronounced correctly and the correct form is “apol”. And yes, in Spain we tend to say «apel» and even if we are aware of the mistake, it is already so ingrained in our vocabulary that it is what comes naturally to us. Surely if any American or British listens to us, they will be amazed. That’s right.

Another mistake related to company branding is calling their physical stores “AppleStore”. And this is such a frequent error that we are not even aware that it is not correct. Why? Well, why literally the Apple Store no longer exists. In its day the company called its stores that way, but for a few years it eliminated the word “Store” from them. If we are referring to a specific store we should refer to it as “Apple NAME”. In other words, if we talk about the store located in Puerta del Sol (Madrid), we should say “Apple Puerta del Sol” and not “Apple Store de Sol” or “Apple Store de Puerta del Sol”.

Although where we find more errors in the writing of the names of their products. A very typical one that causes more than one of us to read theft is “iWatch”. Before the company officially launched its watches, it was common to read references to it with that pseudo name, but in the end it was not called that and the company has never referred to it in such a way. The correct thing is to say “Apple Watch” or even abbreviate it in “Watch”, but never “iWatch”.

We also find other errors when we read “Iphone”, “Ipad” or “Imac”. It is true that in Spanish they should be written like this, but if we are talking about a brand we should name them as it dictates. Therefore, whether it is the beginning of a sentence or not, it is always written “iPhone”, “iPad” and “Mac”. In the same way that it is not correct to say «Ios» or “Macos”, iOS and macOS being correct (“MacOS” is also an error).

writing apple

And what happens if we want to talk about these teams in the plural? Well, it’s spelled the same. It does not matter if we are talking about an iPhone or two iPhones. should never be said “iPhones” or “iPads” or “macs”. Like all brands, these cannot be pluralized because it is a single brand. And this has become especially visible in this last year with the launch of the AirTag, which we tend to mistakenly call “AirTags” when we speak in the plural of them.

Continuing with the writing and to finish, another frequent error is interpret the “i” as an “i”. Let’s see, you have your explanation. In Spanish, the correct thing is to use the conjunction “e” as an alternative to “and” if the word that follows begins with “i”, but this is not the case in brands such as iPhone or iOS, since they are pronounced “aifon” and “aioes” instead of “ifon” and “ios”. Therefore, if we talk about Android and iOS, it should be said like this, and not “Android and iOS”.

oh! Let us not forget. If you have doubts about all this, you should know that even the RAE confirms these rules, so it is not a delicacy, but a linguistic norm.