6 things you (maybe) didn’t know about the eternal Stan Lee

Stan Lee.

Without a doubt, the father of comics, Stan Lee, is one of the most influential people of the entire 20th century, basically because is responsible for creating comic characters as beloved as the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men or the Fantastic 4, along with such legendary cartoonists Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko.

A life without stopping to work

It is because of this impressive resume that shis passing in 2018 saddened all fans, of which many are still depressed today. It is to make these people happy that we have decided to delve into the career of the American who, in addition to the countless cameos he starred in his own productions, also left us some milestones that it remains to be seen that someone manages to overcome.

Here you have the six data that mark a relevant character in the world of leisure in the last 80 years.

His films are the highest grossing

If we take a look at the top 15 movies that have grossed the most money worldwide, we find that in 6 of them appear characters created by Lee, and if we add all his collections, we get a cumulative of 10,700 million dollars. What a real madness!

One of his first jobs was writing obituaries

Somewhere you have to start, and that is Stan Lee started making money writing obituaries of people who had recently died. Maybe from this experience he got his mania for constantly killing and resurrecting characters and creating multiverses with infinite lives for all his heroes and villains.

When he retired, he dedicated time to DC Comics

Said like this, it seems that Stan was a vile traitor, but rest assured that everything is simpler. In 2001, DC gave Stan Lee the chance to reimagine all three of his characters most important, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman within a collection called just imagine. It could be said that it was a kind of What If…? but within the competition.

Stan Lee also exists within the Marvel universe

In the comic Earth 1218 there is the character of Stan Lee, since this dimension corresponded to the real world. As we can see, the Marvel multiverse is a very peculiar place and someone as important as its great creators could not be missing.

His first job was “filling” a box

How to read Captain America comics

Glory is not always achieved first. A young Stan Lee had his first opportunity within the Marvel company filling a simple text box within the third Captain America comic which, by way of curiosity, is the first story in which Steve Rogers does his iconic shield throw. That was the start of it all…

He was a pioneer in representing the dangers of drugs

In the 1970s, with drug use on the rise in America, Stan was asked to make a comic portraying the dangers of taking drugs. What Lee did was create a Spider-Man story where Harry Osborn had a bad experience with LSD. Although the censors did not give him permission, the king of cameos He decided to publish it equally on his own, assuming the consequences that might arise. This comic finally gave a lot of prestige and admiration to the then editor-in-chief of the company.