66GB gift and 99GB free

Finetwork is without doubt one of the low-cost operators that, along with Digi, Lowi and others, is making huge progress within the Spanish market. Their charges are provided utilizing each the fiber community of Vodafone such because the cellular protection provided by the pink operator in our nation. Of course, they nonetheless would not have entry to 5G from Vodafone, one thing that they must negotiate with the operator within the coming dates.

Summer promotion 2021 Finetwork

Many Finetwork prospects are receiving an SMS textual content message that verify the applying of the summer season promotion. This isn’t new, since final yr we additionally had a bathe of gigabytes round this time, however we do have one thing new: there will probably be extra gigabytes of items for patrons with convergent charges that mix fiber and cellular.


The textual content message says the next: “INFO: WE LOOK FORWARD TO THE SUMMER! Thanking you for your loyalty, we automatically apply the + 99GB free promotion available until 15-Sep. + INFO call 1777 ”. Mobile prospects have obtained an identical message, however explaining that they’ve 66GB free till that very same date.

Customers would not have to do something to activate that gift bag of gigabytes as it is going to be utilized mechanically. This would be the first information they’ll eat, though it can’t be gathered or shared. Customers will be capable to spend them till September 15, 2021 and then they’ll disappear perpetually.

These are the charges they’ll obtain 99 gigs:

  • 100 Mbps fiber + 2 cellular traces with limitless calls + 6GB for 34.70 euros monthly
  • Fiber 300 Mbps + 2 cellular traces with limitless calls + 12GB for 39.90 euros monthly
  • Fiber 300 Mbps + Unlimited calls + 24GB for 34.90 euros monthly
  • Fiber 600 Mbps + Unlimited calls + 25GB for 39.90 euros monthly
  • Fiber 600 Mbps + Unlimited calls + 35GB for 44.90 euros monthly

The cellular charges they’ll obtain 66GB They are:

  • Unlimited calls and 9GB for 8.90 euros
  • Unlimited calls and 12GB for 9.90 euros
  • Unlimited calls and 15GB for 10.90 euros
  • Unlimited calls and 30GB for 14.90 euros
  • Unlimited calls and 40GB for 19.90 euros