9 Advantages of Telegram over its competition

Comparisons were never good, neither are they for two messaging applications that have the largest market niche when it comes to being used as instant messaging. Telegram and WhatsApp are two important apps, far behind Signal, an app that is valued for its high privacy.

We are going to tell you the 9 advantages of Telegram over its competition, which in this case the most direct is WhatsApp, followed by Signal. Telegram was created by the Durov brothers, who now see how this development goes beyond being a messaging application.

Edit messages

Telegram edit messages

Although it seems silly, it is important to be able to edit a message once it has been sent, especially if the translator plays a trick on us and corrects a word. It is a simple task to do, remember that after a while the editing of the messages is not possible.

Click on the sent message, click on the pencil that shows in the upper left, correct the entire word or phrase and click on the confirmation to resend it. You don’t have to delete it like whatsappmaking it one of Telegram’s advantages over its competitor, WhatsApp.

create channels


It is one of the important parts of Telegram, that of creating a channel diffusion to send information and have a certain audience following it. It is easy to create a channel, the configuration is a point where the administrator has to go little by little to make it as professional as possible.

Creating a channel will take you just a few minutes, so if you want to create one you only need to choose a name, a little description and an image. To do this, the steps to follow are to click on the pencilclick on «New channel» and fill in what is asked of you, to finish click on the confirmation signal.

large groups

Telegram 1

Telegram’s limit is much higher than other applications, having a limit of up to 200,000 people, a number that is undoubtedly one of the highest in this type of app. They can be used to create a diffusion group, in which the capacity will be great if you add people.

WhatsApp has the limit of a maximum of 256 people, a minimal part if compared to Telegram, the capacity could be equivalent to two fields of 100,000 people. It is one of the strengths of Telegrambut he is not the only one in the face of the many things that are coming to the application.

voice chat

voice chat

It is an important point if you want to make a room with people with whom you want to talk and need to say something to everyone by voice. It is as if it were a group call, but the option to intervene whenever you want, having the option to mute yourself and mute any of the participants if you are an administrator.

A function that if you know how to use it, you will get a lot of use out of it, both you and those who usually have the application installed on their phone. It has been implemented in groups and channelsso if you want to talk to all of them without any kind of limitation and in a fluid way.

secret chat

secret telegram chats

It is another of the functions in which Telegram wins the game over WhatsApp, that of having secret chats, ideal if you want to have a conversation with a person without anyone knowing. In the settings you can set the messages to self-destruct automatically after a while, so that no one can read them, even if they have access to your phone.

In addition, you have the possibility that you cannot take screenshots, forward messages and other data that may be worth so that the conversation remains between the two. Secret chats are available on Telegram for a long time, one that has also implemented it is Signal.

Have your own cloud

Cloud DaniPlay

Stand out above others having your own cloud in which to host files of all kinds (images, documents, music files, videos and many other things). You have it within the conversations of other users, specifically it is called «Saved messages» and it is worth it as a personal space.

This well-known space will be stored in a scaled way, the good thing is being able to find something by name, you have to use the gallery for it, clicking on the name of the cloud. Here everything will be stored by categorieswhich will make everything more attractive and have everything at hand.

Send files up to 2 GB

Telegram without

Telegram sending maximum reaches 2 GB for each file, while WhatsApp limits it quite a bit, specifically it will allow sending up to 100 MB. If you want to share a heavy document, it is best to use this application, the download speed will be limited to the connection you are using.

You can share a music file, a video file, all in the original resolution and without having to compress any of them when sending it. To this is added many channels where apps, files and documents are uploaded of interest to the user, who is the one who will benefit from them.

Two accounts on the same phone

Android Telegram

Among other things that Telegram has an advantage over WhatsApp is being able to use two accounts on the same phone, so you won’t have to use another device. For this, it uses a different nickname in each one of them, that is why the difference is quite large if the two apps are compared.

This is fine if we want to separate our personal life from work, you can set one for one thing and the other for your professional environment. Telegram has evolved favorablygiving the user many things that make it perfect if you want it to be your tool for the job.

Bots to self-manage

Telegram Bot

A Telegram function that we cannot overlook is the bots, ideal if you want to automate things, such as sending news to channels, searching for lyrics and much more. Thanks to bots, everything is much more enjoyable and they can be used for almost everything you can think of.

Telegram bots go a long way, for example to search for a book, a movie, music and many things that surely if you try it you will use it again. It is a strong point of Telegram and one of the advantages over its opponents. Bots have been evolving over time and offering improvements.