90 Hz, lots of power and fast charging: the OPPO Reno at €299!


We know that choosing a good mobile terminal takes time. From a long time! The offer that best suits you is waiting for you somewhere, but… Do you already know the type of mobile you want? We have found the OPPO Reno 7, the most retro and fine, with enough power, for a very low offer price in amazon.

And there is nothing like a good offer on a mobile to start on Friday, right? We know! The Renno 7 It has everything you could need for much less than you think, and now with a worthwhile discount on Amazon. Let’s see it detail by detail.

Everything good about OPPO Reno 7

Starting with the design section, the OPPO Reno 7 is a striking mobile. Very striking. Although on the front it does not stand out in practically anything that the competition does not have (hole in the screen, 6.4-inch screen…), on the back it is made of vegan leather of the most premium, and yellow, very striking!

Already in the screen section we find an AMOLED panel and Full HD resolution so that not a single detail escapes you. They accompany 90 Hz for a new ultra-smooth experience on the screen. You will notice it especially if you come from a mobile that only has 60 Hz.

And if you are a fan of mobile video games, let nothing stop you with this OPPO. Performance and power is what you will find with this terminal. You will be able to play the most demanding games and load all kinds of apps without any problem with the new Snapdragon 680. Its brand new processor plus 8 GB of RAM They assure you of premium performance. It also has good ventilation to dissipate the heat of video games.

Another of the most striking details comes in your camera. It has a 32-megapixel front camera (nothing more, nothing less!), but the striking part comes from the rear, with a main 64-megapixel camera, accompanied by a telemacro and a wide angle of 2 megapixels each.

Not forgetting OPPO’s own fast charge, the Super Vooc. This terminal has 4500 mAh to endure even beyond day to day, and offering you fast charge at 33W SUPERVOOC that will allow you to have it ready in the blink of an eye. It allows you to charge 39% in just 15 minutes, to give you an idea.

Offer on Amazon for this terminal

And all under the benefits of Color OS 12. You will be able to enjoy the latest operating system of the most polished of the Chinese brand with this mobile, guaranteed.

What about its price? Well, for a limited time you can get this OPPO Reno 7 for just €299 on Amazon. We think it’s a worthwhile offer, albeit for a limited time. Do not regret it and jump into the pool, because, for its price, it takes the seal of Range Tops.

If you have already decided, we leave you the purchase link in this same link on Amazon: