Addicted to Grand Theft Auto Online? So you can get free GTA money every week

Although at present, there are many multiplayer titles that reach the market completely free of charge, games that include purchases inside them in the form of skins and others in order to monetize the game, not all game developers bet on it, because it is lucrative. to be. A clear example is found in GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V), one of the top selling games in the history of video games. This title has an online version that allows us to enter the title being the protagonists of the story without having to do anything special.

However, wandering freely around a gigantic map does not have any incentive if we do not have the possibility of improving our character’s way of life, improvements that can be made with money. Next, we show you several methods to get money in GTA V without having to invest a single euro in the game, since in addition to the methods that we show you, we can also buy it using real money.

Prime Gaming Loot

Prime Gaming is another feature that the Amazon Prime subscription offers. As Amazon Prime subscribers, we can have at our disposal a promotion that allows us to obtain up to GTA$1,000,000 to spend in the game as we want. But, in addition, we can get every week up to Additional GTA$125,000 for just entering the game, without us having to do anything special. To take advantage of this promotion, we just have to access the following link and enter the details of our Amazon account to later link that account with Rockstar’s in order to obtain the money.

fulfilling missions

All games, to a greater or lesser extent, offer players a series of missions that, by completing them, obtain benefits. In the case of GTA V, the benefits are economic since it allows us to earn money in the game. The amount of rewards to do the missions depends mainly on both their difficulty and the level we have in the game. If we have just started, it is useless to try to do the missions that offer us the most money since, probably, we will end up failing over and over again, so it is advisable to go little by little.

steal cars

Living up to the name of the game, the mechanics of stealing cars to later sell them is one of the ideal methods for users who are just starting out with the game or for those who need to get money quickly. Depending on the type of car we steal, we will obtain more or less money, so if we do not want to make more trips than a fool, we must bear in mind that not all cars they will not give the same money.

Steal cars GTA V

making hits

One of the most lucrative methods when it comes to obtaining money in GTA V is found in the hits that we can perpetrate in certain places, where the rewards, as a general rule, does not usually go below GTA$500,000. In order to successfully carry out these hits, a minimum of 4 players is necessary and there is communication and a minimum of planning in advance. Best of all, we can repeat the same hits on different days to get more money.