AirPods Pro 2 are just around the corner

New AirPods Pro 2

We have been hearing numerous rumors about what the renewal of the AirPods Pro will be for a long time. Some of its possible features have been leaked and many release dates for these new headphones that many users are waiting for have been put on the table. Well, the arrival of these devices could be closer than ever.

Possible release date

As we said, it has been rumored for a long time about the AirPods Pro 2, in fact, on many occasions it seemed that the presentation and launch of these Apple headphones could be imminent, however, today we still do not know how it will be one of the renewals most anticipated by the users of these devices.

Later we will talk about the possible news that these headphones can bring, but now we have to focus on what one of the most reputable analysts has said if we talk about the Apple world. Ming-Chi Kuo, in a tweet, has stated that Apple plans to launch this renewal later this year, that is, in the last quarter of 2022. The end of the year for Apple fans is always very interesting, since from the month of September different presentations follow one another that are always accompanied by expected launches, and it seems that this 2022 It could be more loaded than ever if these predictions finally come true. What is not clear is whether this presentation will be at the event itself. Septemberalong with the iPhone, or a hypothetical event in the month of october or novemberaccompanying who knows the new iPad Pro.

Expected news

Once we know, or at least, we anticipate when the new version of one of the headphones most loved by the vast majority of users will be launched on the market, we have to focus on what the new features and improvements are going to be. compared to the current ones. The bar is really highsince the user experience that the AirPods Pro generate is practically unbeatable, yes, for all those who can wear them without them falling out of their ears.

airpods pro 2

According to the information we know so far, one of the main attractions in this new version will be the change of design that these headphones will suffer. It is not yet clear what the shape of these will be, what it does seem is that Apple would be working on making them more compact, possibly eliminating the pin they currently have.

AirPods Pro Gestures

Another of the improvements that these AirPods Pro 2 would bring would be in the Noise Cancellation, and this is great news, since if the one offered by the current ones is already outstanding, having an improvement in this regard would place these headphones without a doubt at the top of noise cancellation. On the other hand, his case It will also bring something new, this being waterproof just like the third-generation AirPods. Finally, we will also have to be attentive to whether this renewal incorporates sensors focused on new health functionssomething that has also sounded quite a lot around these AirPods Pro 2.