AirPods Pro have competition: JBL launches headphones with a screen


Since JBL have decided to commit to innovation, and have presented the first headphones with display in the case. They are totally wireless, what we could call TrueWireless, and they will let you know much more than its charge without touching the phone. But are they worth it? That is exactly what we are going to analyze! For now we will tell you that the AirPods Pro They have a strong rival.

The wireless headphones they are changing, and that is a fact. It’s been a few years since we left the cables behind, and they’re not even connected to each other anymore. Now, in addition, it seems that the charging case is charging other functions beyond giving us more autonomy.

These display-in-the-box headphones from JBL are proof of that. Because they have a small screen leds of 1.45 inches through which you can make much more than you imagine. They are not only designed so that you can see the burdenbut also so that you can control the music and even receive messages and calls. Almost as if from a smart watch it was treated!

A headset with a screen: very innovative!

The truth is they are not the first headphones with a screen in the case, since there are already other models like this. For example, this model of CASCHO which is also 25% off on Amazon. But they are the first in which the screen does something beyond show battery.

In this case, we are talking about a touch screen that will help you to change the song, raise and lower the volume, see the time, the state of the load, the connection and much more! You will find some menus that will focus both on the personalization of the screen itself and on the music control. The idea is very similar to that of a smartwatch, although with clear differences.

In itself, this feature is interesting enough for us to consider acquiring them even with our eyes closed. But, in addition, we must take into account that they are headphones of JBL. That is to say: that the sound quality will not be unparalleled.

They will have active noise cancellation, and they’ll even have an ambient sound mode for those moments when what’s outside does matter. In addition, they will have drivers dynamic that will make the sound acquire an unparalleled quality. Along with this, it should be noted that they have JBL SpatialSounda proprietary technology of the firm that makes the sound totally immersive.

These headphones are a resounding yes

As if that were not enough, the drums It will also be very, very interesting. We are talking about headphones that will withstand up to 10 hours of content playback in a row and that, with the case, will reach 40 hours. These Tour Pro 2 incorporate, in turn, six microphones so your calls are always clear and crisp.

From January next year we will be able to enjoy these screen headphones in the case for only €249. And we say “only” because, right now, there are headphones from high-end that cost considerably more and offer fewer features. An example of this is the famous AirPods Pro 2 from Apple, which do not have a screen in the case. And it is that, with this innovation alone, JBL has already completely won us over! If we add to that that the sound quality will be high, that they have a good battery and are compactwe can not ask for anything more!