All about The Penguin, one of Batman’s most mythical villains

The Penguin

Among the many mythical villains who regularly face Batman, is The Penguin. Eccentric and dangerous, he is one of the most recurring villains in comics, which we have also seen in the Dark Knight series and movies. With the appearance in the movie batman by Matt Reeves and the rumors of a possible own series on HBO Max, we tell you everything you need to know about the character of The Penguin from Batman.

The joker, cat woman, Two-Face, Enigma… the cast of Batman villains is huge and, among them, one stands out who has made life impossible for the Dark Knight over and over again. This is The Penguin, a dangerous villain who, throughout the history of Batman, has had a complex relationship with him.

We tell you everything, as well as the most important of the character.

The origin

the penguin was created by Bob Kane and Bill Fingerfirst appearing in the Detective Comics issue #58 dated December 1941.

Since that story, in which he stole valuable canvases by hiding them in the handle of his umbrella, this mastermind of crime has put Batman in a lot of trouble.

Who is The Penguin

The Penguin and his minions

The Penguin, whose real name is Oswald Cobblepot, he is a crime lord from Gotham City with a deformed physical appearance. Similar to that of a penguin due to its short stature, its beak-shaped nose and its amorphous and clumsy body, they have earned it that nickname that it carries with pride and has become its hallmark.

However, he cannot be underestimated by his appearance, as he is a criminal mastermind who operates out of his nightclub, the IcebergLoungein order to be the master of Gotham’s underworld.

Molded by ridicule towards his looks and stature since he was a child, he has dedicated himself to inspiring respect and fear through his criminal exploits. In many of them, he has run into Batman directly, and has even allied himself with other supervillains, forming part of The Injustice League, The Secret Society of Super Villains and even the suicide squad.

At other times, The Penguin and Batman maintain a complex relationship, coexisting tensely, and even helping each other, both in the exchange of information, as well as allying directly. This is the case, for example, of Batman number 60, where they face Bane together.

what superpowers do you have

The Penguin and his umbrellas

The Penguin actually he doesn’t have superpowers. However, he does possess some abilities above normal, such as his genius level intellect

His usual weapon is his modified umbrellas with different lethal and other gadgets hidden inside. Similarly, he has a fencer’s skill with this weapon and tremendous leadership qualities.

That has made him a respected crime boss in Gotham, with many henchmen under his command.

Some of the most outstanding adventures

The Penguin and Batman

In his long relationship with Batman, he has appeared in many legendary stories, which explored both his most camp of the early times, like others much more serious.

It is true that his stories do not have the cataclysmic scope of other Batman (such as when he meets with the Justice League), but are much more “earthly”, without great eventsas threats from other dimensions, try to conquer the world or destroy it.

However, that makes it more interesting, as they allow for a better exploration of the characters, instead of resorting to big fights with a multitude of superheroes and villains.

Here are some of his most important “feats.”

  • In one of his most interesting adventures during the call Silver age(Partners in Plunder, February 1965), The Penguin performs various misdeeds at random. Batman, being “the best detective in the world” tries to find out the evil master plan behind them. But there isn’t, The Penguin lets Batman build that plan with his inquiries. A really clever story.
  • On another occasion (love bird), The Penguin seems to reform, opens an umbrella factory and falls in love, but Batman is not so convinced and investigates what is really behind it in a story that seems like a romantic comedy. Compared to the darker Batman stories, The Penguin is, at times, a welcome break from the blackness.
  • On Batman: Earth 1we see an alternate universe where Penguin is mayor of Gotham and the man behind the murder of Batman’s parents. Because yes, in almost all alternate universes, the bat tragically loses its parents.
  • who has the last laugh is another great story that shows the darker side of The Penguin. told by him jokertells us about the book that Oswald Cobblepot keeps with the adventures and obituaries of all those who have ever laughed at him.
  • On Batman number 39 we see again the impossible alliance of The Penguin and Batman, when the first helps by facing the jokerwho has gone too far in the chaos he has wrought in Gotham.
  • Red Hood (Jason Todd, who was the second Robin) shoots Penguin in the head, hitting him in the eye that is wearing the monocle. He does not die, but since then will wear an eyepatch instead of that monocle so characteristic.

Some curiosities

Curiosities of The Penguin

In closing, here are some things about Oswald Cobblepot that you probably didn’t know.

  • In that adventure in which he allies himself with Batman to confront Bane, the motivation is that Bane has murdered Penny, with whom The Penguin seems to have fallen in love. However, Penny is not the name of a woman although she looks like it all the time, but we discover details such as the fact that she has a beak and feathers. Yes effectively, it is unsubtly implied that Penguin has had sex with or fallen in love with a bird.
  • The Penguin has a son, Ethanwhom he abandoned and does not want to know anything about, except for the fact that he supports him financially and little else.
  • In one of the most disturbing storylines, Penguin tries to kill everyone in Gotham with a serum. It is then revealed that this formula actually kills those with low testosterone. That has the disturbing implication that his plan went through liquidate all women and children.
  • In the comic in which joker tells the story of the Penguin and his darker facets, we meet Violet, a woman who falls in love with Cobblepot. However, the dark side of her makes her want to leave him… The result is that the last time we see Violet, is caged by The Penguin, implying that he locked her up forever for wanting to leave him.

As we can see, The Penguin is a tortured soul, with a more than complex relationship with The Dark Knight.

Sometimes he is an endearing villain, other times he is even an ally of the bat and, in others, he is a sinister character with tremendous strokes of cruelty.

Be that as it may, Gotham’s most feared crime lord remains one of Batman’s iconic rivals who, even though his aesthetic seems to have no place in more modern stories, remains one of DC’s most interesting characters.