All (absolutely all) spin-offs from The Walking Dead universe

spin offs the walking dead

When writer Robert Kirkman and cartoonist Tony Moore began publishing their stories about Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes back in 2003, they couldn’t even imagine the media level their comics would reach. The walking dead not only does he have 193 fascicles behind him –the last one published in August 2019–, but he has produced all kinds of new side stories to those of its protagonists in the graphic novel. TV and web series, movies and dozens of video games, the lore of this post-apocalyptic world always has something else to exploit.

If you are (or were) a fan of The Walking Dead series, here we leave you one list with all spin-offs that have been created or are in the process of filming.

Fear the walking dead

The story, set in Los Angeles, California, closely follows a family nothing functional what is it witness the slow collapse of civilization as we understand it. Yes The walking dead It made your hair stand on end to see its protagonist prowling through a deserted world, this series made uncomfortable by the desperate attempt to lead a normal life until everything falls apart. So far has a total of seven seasons, and is currently broadcasting.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

twd World Beyond

Released in 2020 and with two seasons already available, TWD: World Beyond follows the story of four teenagers in Nebraska, 10 years after the outbreak started. If you’ve ever wanted to see a coming-of-age with zombie touches, feel free to take a look.

Tales of the Walking Dead

tales of the walking dead.

In September 2020, production company AMC announced that it was working on a series of anthology based on new or existing characters in the universe The walking dead. The six-episode first season will premiere on 2022.

Daryl and Carol spin-off

Daryl and Carol twd

Is there anyone more baddie than Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier? Rarely have we witnessed such a good character evolution as these two. One withdrawn and the other sullen, Carol and Daryl they were transformed from secondary characters to the real ones viewer favorites.

The one who began as a battered woman ended up being an almost Wonder Woman who took the chestnuts out of the fire to the group. Daryl, although he brought home work and was a skilled crossbowman from season one, slowly began to open up and forge relationships with the rest of his teammates. How could we not want a series of these two characters?

Well, thank goodness that our wishes are orders, and in September 2020 the expected was announced spin-off. The screenwriters Angela Kang and Scott M. Gimple, who already have many episodes of this universe behind them, announced that a series in 2023, after the final season of The Walking Dead series.

Daryl and Carol twd 2

East spin-off, which does not yet have an official name, will bring back Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, and it is that you cannot sign other than the original characters of the series. Angela Kang will also be the showrunner. For now, we are waiting patiently for more information on the series (and maybe reading fanfiction about this couple, why not admit it).

The Walking Dead: Webisodes

webisodes the walking dead

Although they are not very well known, these web series exist, although only released in North America. They are short series that tell the stories of characters that appear briefly in the main television series. They are a compendium of nothing more and nothing less than 7 miniseries, which were released as a promotion for seasons of The walking dead Y Fear the walking dead.

Here’s a synopsis of the seven web series from The Walking Dead. Beware, it contains spoilers.

1. The Walking Dead: Torn Apart

Torn Apart twd

This web series premiered on October 3, 2011 on the official AMC website. Tells the story of Hannah, the iconic bike girl. The facts happen before the pilot episode of The walking dead.

Who is the “bike girl” from The walking dead?

Hannah is none other than the famous “bicycle girl”, one of the first walkers Rick Grimes sees upon awakening from a coma. Although most walkers are scary, the “girl on the bicycle” was one of the most emotional scenes of the First season, in which we reflect on how each of the zombies we see was at some point a human being with family, desires and hopes.

If you’ve been wondering how it ended there for years, the web miniseries The Walking Dead: Torn Apart explain the sad story of this woman.

2. The Walking Dead: Cold Storage

Cold Storage TWD

Is 4-part miniseries premiered on October 1, 2012 on the official AMC website, three weeks before the premiere from the third season of The Walking Dead. It was directed by Gregory Nicotero and written by John Esposito.

The plot follows Chase, a survivor who tries to reunite with his sister. He’s in Atlanta, the city that Rick Grimes returns to in the first season of TWD. He finds refuge in a supply warehouse, and meets a former employee named BJ, whom he shouldn’t trust.

How is The Walking Dead: Cold Storage related to the main series?

When Chase searches for clean clothes, he comes across a small closet that belonged to Rick Grimes when the police force still existed. He sees photos of Grimes and his family and smiles.

3. The Walking Dead: The Oath

Released in October 2013, it was produced, written and directed by Gregory Nicotero. This web series consists of three parts, 7 to 10 minutes each.

The Walking Dead: The Oath keep track of the last two survivors of a large group that has been attacked by a horde of walkers. Badly wounded and desperate, they flee in a car and manage to find a hospital in which to look for medical supplies. There they meet a doctor that the Hippocratic Oath is no longer taken very seriously.

Who wrote “DONT OPEN, DEAD INSIDE” on The walking dead?

dont open dead inside

In The Walking Dead: The Oath I know Explain the series of events that led to the writing of the most famous messages in the universe TWD: DONT OPEN, DEAD INSIDE.

4. The Walking Dead: Red Machete

Rick Grimes machete ftwd

This web series premiered in 20217 and consists of 6 episodes.

Where does the machete used by Rick Grimes come from in The walking dead?

In the purest style of War horse, the web miniseries The Walking Dead: Red Machete tells the story of the famous red-handled machete used by Rick Grimes. From its beginnings on a DIY store shelf, we see how different people use it to defend themselves, kill and try to survive in this new world.

5. Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462

Flight 462 FTWD

This web miniseries consists of 16 chapters and it was released on October 4, 2015. as a promotion of the sixth season from Fear the walking dead. It narrates the events of a plane that is in the air in the first moments of the zombie outbreak. When tempers were already heated, they discovered that there is a infected passenger.

Two of his characters, Alex and Jake, had already appeared in “Ouroboros”, episode 3 of the second season of Fear the walking dead.

What is the plane that Nick sees in the first season of Fear The Walking Dead?

nick ftwd plane

The plane that Nick sees in the episode “The Dog”, the third episode of the first season of Fear the walking dead it’s flight 462. The web miniseries Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 explain what happens on the plane and if there are survivors after crashing.

6. Fear the Walking Dead: Passage

Passage ftwd

This other web miniseries has 16 episodes and aired between October 2016 and March 2017 as part of the promo from the third season of Fear the walking dead. It tells how a skilled survivor helps an injured woman in exchange for taking her to a supposed sanctuary.

How does Fear The Walking Dead: Passage relate to the main series?

Although all web series attempt to tie into the main plot of the two television series, this could not due to lack of time. The character of the groom I was going to appear as a border guard on the premiere of the third season, but it could not be.

7. The Althea Tapes

The Althea Tapes

This web miniseries by six episodes premiered in June 2019 on the YouTube channel of The walking dead. He was part of the promo for the second half of the fifth season of Fear the walking dead. Is a interview compilation recorded by Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki, before and after meeting Morgan.