All methods to send files from Windows to Linux


On many occasions we may find ourselves with the need to copy files between two or more computers. We can do this in several ways, for example, via USB stick. But it is not the only option and there are other tools that allow us to do it, other methods or websites that will allow us to do it.

How do we send content from one computer to another when one of them has a Linux operating system installed and another Windows? What options do we have to do it? We can connect via Bluetooth in addition to using a flash drive or using specific pages to transfer files between various devices. We may encounter some compatibility problem and it is better that we have several alternatives to make sure that one of them works correctly.

With a flash drive or hard drive

One of the best options when it comes to sending or transferring files between Linux and Windows is to use a pen drive or a USB drive that we can use to transfer from one computer to another. The great advantage of this option is that we can choose the size of the USB stick that we are going to use. We can use 8GB, 16GB, 18GB or whatever we need and it will be enough to connect it to a computer and another to transfer.

The only thing we have to take into account is the format of the flash drive because it must be compatible with Windows and Linux. There are several types of formats available for a flash drive and we must ensure that we can read and write to both, so it is best to go for FAT32 or exFAT, compatible with all devices. It is advisable that bet on exFAT thanks to the fact that this will allow us not to have a limit of gigabytes in the pendrive that we use.

It can be useful both with a USB flash drive and if we use an external hard drive, but usually can cause problems because of the compatibility or the format of the partitions so it is not the only resource that we have to do it.

by Bluetooth

One of the most used functions of Bluetooth connections is to send files directly from one computer to another. Both Windows and Linux have native support for Bluetooth connections so we can easily use this technology to send files from one system to another directly without having to use other types of devices such as USB sticks. The first thing we need to do is make sure that both teams have a bluetooth device connected, installed and working or else the connection cannot be established. We also need to make sure that the devices are set to be visible to other computers, or we might have some problems establishing the connection. Once we have it, the steps are simple to make the connection between the two computers and operating systems.

We simply have to go to the computer configuration and to the Bluetooth section where we will turn the connection on or off. So you can stay in “discovery mode” and we can see what computers are available near us.


Once we have it linked and connected, we just have to go to Windows and right click on the file or folder that we want to send. We right click and a menu with options will appear. we must search “Send to…” and here we choose the “Bluetooth Device” option. We select it from the previously linked list and we simply have to wait for the reception to be completed from the Ubuntu computer from where we will have confirmed and admitted it. Once the transfer is complete we will have already created a personal network where we can send as many files as we want without any limits or problems.


By file transfer websites

Another easy option is to use specialized file transfer websites where we can send large files from one browser to another browser regardless of the operating system. It is not the most comfortable option when we want to transfer a large number of files, but it is a simple idea without complications and without depending on having Bluetooth connectivity or an external device such as a flash drive. We simply need an Internet connection.

There are many websites that we can choose from and some of them are very well known, such as WeTransfer. Simply upload files to the website and send the corresponding link to another device from which we will open and download.


WeTransfer is a user-friendly, user-friendly and fast transfer application for sharing large files without web registration. Just open the web, drag the files and open the link from another computer. You can send files to up to ten people with a maximum of two gigabytes per shipment. There is no limit of files that we can add provided that the maximum space is not met.

Also, there is a Pro option that allows us to send more files. WeTransfer Pro is priced at twelve euros per month or 120 euros per year and allows sending and receiving up to 200 GB in total plus 1TB storage per person. There is also a Premium plan for 23 euros per month (or 228 euros per year) with no transfer size limit and unlimited storage available per account.

Create wetransfer

Other transfer options

It is not the only option that offers us the possibility of transferring files between various devices regardless of their operating system.

There are other tools like Send AnyWhere that allows us to send files up to 10 GB securely, with a transfer encrypted with a code that must use a code when receiving the link. Send AnyWhere is multi-device so we can use it from mobile phones as well as from a Linux computer or a computer with Windows OS. In addition, it also has a Pro version that does notallows you unlimited space and up to 1TB of cloud storage. It also allows you to send content through messaging applications, comment on the file or access other services. We do not necessarily have to have it exclusively to send files from Linux to Windows, but if you have this type of service we can take advantage of it to transfer documents between devices.


Also another option is Transfer XL where can we add files and send them. It allows you to send free files from five gigabytes that are completely free, although you have the possibility of paying for the service to send files of up to 100 GB. Com in the above case is not a recommended option if we simply want to use it for this purpose, but it may be an idea that we can take into account if we use it in our day to day life and want to transfer it.


In network

It is a more complex option than the previous ones but also a possibility if we want to transfer files from one to another. We can share a Linux folder with Windows on LAN but we must follow a few steps and install specific software: SAMBA. SAMBA is a program that will allow us to connect and interact with Windows networking from Linux distributions and we will simply install it through a command:

sudo apt install samba

When we have it, we can share folders from Linux. We simply have to open the explorer and find the corresponding folder or file that interests us and that we want to transfer. We click on the right button of it so that the different options appear and we will find “Local Network Share” on the menu.

Once we have it and we have installed samba, we simply have to choose the corresponding options to share it and that allows us to add the folder to SAMBA and the rest of the computers connected to the can automatically access it. To do this, we must open the Windows explorer and write the IP of the computer with Ubuntu in the address bar. Once you do, Windows will find the computer and show us what folders it has shared so we can grab it, download it.