Amazon reduces this 4 TB Seagate external hard drive by 41%

Seagate external hard drive

The External hard drives allows us to store and transport files and valuable information. They are of different sizes. Being the smallest of 1 or 2 GB, even some as large as the one we have come to talk about today. 4TB (more or less about 4,000 GB). We are talking, of course, about seagate external hard drive who right now has a €70 discount on Amazon. He Comes in and finds out how you can take it today for 41% less of its usual price!

if you suffer from lack of storage space on your computer, you are someone who works with many and very heavy files, or if you need to reformat your computer but want to keep all your files safe on an external hard drive, then this 4 TB Seagate can be your best ally.

Let’s look at some of the features and advantages that this small but bully can bring you portable drive.

This is this 4 TB Seagate external hard drive

First of all, of course, let’s talk about the ability What does this hard drive have? As its name says, it has storage space for files that occupy a total of up to 4TB (1 TB = 1,024 GB; 4 TB = 4,096 GB) which is more than enough to store practically all the files that you have right now on your computer and that you have space left over.

The only but What I would put on this hard drive is the file transfer speed. It is not an SSD and, much less, an M2 that allows you to transfer files at spectacular speeds, but rather it’s a HDD. It’s not bad, really, but if you work a lot with very large files that take up too much space, you may prefer to invest a little more money in buying an SSD or an M2.

Another important aspect, and in favor, that this 4 TB Seagate has is that it has USB 3.0. Come on, simply with this fact it has already partially compensated for the problem it had of not being so fast. This little detail speed up to x3 or x4 file transfer speed.

Finally, as if everything seen before were not enough, right now it has a discount of 41%. In other words, today it can be yours for almost half the price. It has gone from costing €163.90 to €95.99 What does it cost right now? Isn’t this the sign you’ve been waiting for?

final verdict

As humans, we may be wrong from time to time. But honestly, I highly doubt that most of 214,000 reviews (yes, 214,000 people who have left a review on this product page on Amazon) who received this 4TB Seagate hard drive may be making a mistake by leaving a 4.5 star rating.

Yes, I too was surprised when I saw that almost 215,000 people have left their opinion about this product on Amazon and that 90% of the evaluations are 4 or 5 stars. Come on, those who have bought it are very happy with the product. And no wonder, after what we’ve seen.

Take advantage now that this 4TB external hard drive is on sale and take it for €70 less than it usually costs. ohClick here Y get it for just €95.99 on Amazon!