AMD Ryzen 5000U and 5000H, this will be the die of the new PC APUs

First of all keep in mind, that in accordance with the leaks, not all the SoCs of the AMD Ryzen 5000U use Zen Three cores however Zen 2 and are known as underneath the code identify “Lucienne”, whereas the code identify of the SoCs with Zen Three cores It’s “Cezanne.” In different phrases, “Lucienne” is the code identify for the “Renoirs” underneath the Ryzen 5000U nomenclature, however it’s usually the similar chip.

The “picture” of the die of the Ryzen 5000U and Ryzen 5000H is filtered

Die Renoir Cezanne

When there are a number of days left for the presentation of AMD we’re already seeing how data is being leaked from AMD to cook dinner the expectation, in this case they’ve leaked the “lithography” of the die and we put it in quotes for a motive. These “lithographs” are nothing greater than renders, they’re approximations of how the inner group of the chip is in order that we are able to get an thought of ​​how the components are organized and get an thought of ​​the structure or group of the processor.

However, AMD made the skid final yr with “Renoir” because it confirmed a composite picture wherein as an alternative of utilizing CCXs from Zen 2 they used RDNA Compute Units, therefore they’re so totally different, attributable to the indisputable fact that in the composition of “Cezanne” they’ve corrected this error, however actually exterior of the change from the Zen 2 cores in “Renoir” / “Lucienne” to Zen Three in “Cezanne” the modifications are nearly nil at the architectural degree.

First impressions, evaluating each “lithographs” pixel by pixel, reveal that “Cezanne” is roughly 10% bigger than “Renoir” / “Lucienne”, since in principle it might measure 175 mm², which is about 20 mm² than “Renoir” / “Lucienne who measures 156 mm². Which would be the product of the use of Zen 3 and a better quantity of L3 cache. In any case, they’re approximations and have a margin of error in relation to the measurement of the chip.

Low availability of Zen Three for laptops

According to the Digitimes information portal, the inventory of laptops with Zen 3-based CPUs It will be restricted throughout the first quarter of 2021, being sources very near the provide chain that cite to present this data.

So if you’re desirous about a laptop computer with a Zen 3-based processor, you will have a tough time getting one, particularly in the first weeks of launch.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900H efficiency revealed

The first benchmarks with the closing model of the AMD Ryzen 9 5900H have been revealed, efficiency outcomes have been seen in CPU-Z, ChessBase, Cinebench and MECHREVO

The AMD Ryzen 9 5900H is one of the top-of-the-range processors of the “AMD Cezanne” for notebooks, and it is extremely doable that AMD will present efficiency outcomes of its AMD Ryzen 5000U and Ryzen 5000H towards its rivals Intel and the earlier era of AMD. Let’s not neglect that for AMD this can be very vital to develop its market share in phrases of laptops, each in CPUs and GPUs.