Anker’s portable fridge can now be reserved with discounts of up to 45%

The great portable refrigerator of Anker has already opened its Kickstarter campaign, and in less than 24 hours, the result could not be better. With a collection of nothing less than mMore than 700,000 euros in less than 24 hoursthe brand is managing to sell almost 1,000 units in the first hours of the campaign, bringing the project to immediate success.

A portable fridge?

Anker EverFrost

Anker’s idea is great. Taking into account the large capacity batteries that it has in its catalogue, the manufacturer has decided to give one more twist by offering a kind of refrigerated cart that will allow you to keep your drinks and food cold for hours (up to 42 hours at 4 degrees in the most powerful model).

In addition, it has connectivity so that we know the interior temperature of the passenger compartment from our mobile phone, as well as several ports and charging plugs so that it also works as a power station, something extremely useful if we go camping and have meals outdoors.

How much does it cost?

Anker EverFrost

Now that the Kickstarter campaign has already started, we can know the official prices of the different models that will hit the stores. Let’s remember that there will be three different versions depending on the storage capacity and size of the battery, with 33, 43 and 53 liters being the available capacities. The official prices are as follows:

  • Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler 30: $799
  • Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler 40: $849
  • Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler 50: $949

The advantage is that the Kickstarter campaign is applying very aggressive discounts, getting discounts up to 45% in the best case. The prices with the promotions that are available right now leave the cheapest model in $519and the model with more capacity per $569.

How does it work?

All models feature a 299Wh battery, and its insulated cavity allows you to keep food cold with the help of the integrated compressor. Its main and obvious advantage is that it does not need a plug to work, since having the battery charged we can keep the refrigerator running for 42 hours without stopping, and keeping the interior at 4 degrees.

Furthermore, its cooling power is also quite amazing as it is capable of going from 25 degrees to 0 degrees indoors in just 30 minutes.

Buy at the best price

If you think that this device is perfect for your field trips, this is the best time to get it, since the discount applied is practically unbeatable. Units will start shipping in June of this year, so you’ll be in time to take advantage of it over the summer.

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