Another great console and PC game makes the leap to mobile

The Division Resurgence.

As the years go by it seems majors of video games are becoming convinced that their presence in the mobile gaming market must be total. Not with second-tier franchises but with the same titles that make us vibrate on PC and consoles. For something the segment of mobile titles is, by far, the one that generates the most income if we compare it with what Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo sell or stores like Steam, Epic Games, etc.

the resurgence is coming

With that idea in mind, Ubisoft has decided to follow in the footsteps of other big companies who have set themselves the mobile territory as a place to go to look for good income, protected by brands recognized by the gamers themselves. Think if not in the future Call of Duty: Warzone for smartphones, or the latest Devil Immortal that, although controversial due to its insatiable desire to collect, has not prevented Blizzard from working that formula again free 2 play of his already legendary Heartstone.

Thus, Ubisoft has just announced that it is preparing the launch of The Division Resurgencea new title of the famous franchise which launched in March 2016 (for PS4, Xbox One and PC) plus a second installment in 2019 after a stellar demo at E3 2013 that left everyone speechless. Then, it is true, that graphic portent was a bit blurred but the French managed the unthinkable, creating a new IP with solid game foundations around an apocalypse and an open world city devastated by gangs.

If you remember, The Division is, in essence, a third-person action game with plenty of RPG elements when configuring our character, where we will have to deal with all kinds of objects and improvements to give him a little specialization in different types of combat. Although part of the fun of the game is found in the weapons and pieces of the tierHopefully they keep the skill tree from the original games in some way. We understand that canning all that in a mobile development is complex, but it would not be bad at all.

multiplayer spirit

But without a doubt, much of the charm of The Division Resurgence will come for its place in the history of the two games already released in the last six years, and that take us to a devastated New York, a really attractive open world where we can not only complete missions, but also enjoy cooperative events that are much more entertaining. Moreover, we shall see to what extent he remains faithful to The Division 2 and all the changes that it introduced in its open world system, with that development based on opening new safe enclaves from which to gradually conquer the city.

The Division Resurgence.

Unfortunately, it all sounds like great news around The Division Resurgence except for one detail: the final release date is unknown nor when we will have to wait to play it. Of course, Ubisoft has already announced that it will be completely free and, of course, we have no doubt that we will have to drop some (real) money to get better and better equipment.