Apple has a new HomePod, how is it different from its predecessor?

Many of us considered it an extinct product at this point, but, surprises of lifewe can already tell you that we have a new generation of HomePod among us. After a break of almost two years, the Cupertino company has decided to reactivate the sale of its smart speaker top and has presented the second generation of his team, a model that, a priori, seems not to have changed much compared to the previous version but inside which it does present interesting modifications. Today we are just going to stop at them. This is all what has changed from the old to the new HomePod.

HomePod 2, the return

We thought that Apple would not try again with this format, but it has silenced us all. The Cupertino company returns to the fray with its most powerful and complete smart speaker, after it stopped manufacturing its first generation in March 2021 to focus, it said, on its cheapest and most compact model, the HomePod mini. But it seems that in Tim Cook’s firm they have thought better of it and after a while gaining momentum they return to the charge with a second generation HomePod that we could say that it directly rivals the Amazon Echo Studio.

The new version of the speaker thus has a design similar to its predecessor (cylindrical body with a mesh finish), only now it is slightly shorter – you will hardly notice it unless you compare them – and lighter. Its processor has changed, now betting a chip S7 who focuses on achieving the best computational audio, and now his setup is betting on a subwoofer, four microphones and 5 tweeters with beamforming technology – focused on making wireless transmissions better.

Apple's new second-generation HomePod mini

It continues to have an attractive touch-type upper LED panel and, of course, it is operated through siriApple’s intelligent assistant, to which you can entrust any task, be it related to playing music, such as executing many other intelligent commands (reminders, sending messages, turning lights on/off or even searching for your iPhone).

Apple's new second-generation HomePod mini

The speaker already comes with compatibility with Matter, the new connectivity standard for smart homes, and also commits to the inclusion of a temperature and humidity sensor, two interesting facts about which you will now have information through Homekit -you can even program, for example, that your smart blinds go down when reach a certain temperature.

Differences between 1st and 2nd generation HomePod

Given all the qualities of the new speakers, we cannot fail to do a comparative review through a table that allows you to check at a glance the features that have changed.

HomePod 1st Gen
HomePod 2nd Gen
Dimensions 172x142mm 168x142mm
Weight 2.5kg 2.3kg
Control Panel Tactile Tactile
Chip A8 S7
Speakers and subwoofer 7 tweeters + subwoofer 5 tweeters + 4-inch subwoofer
microphones 6 4
Spatial Audio/Dolby Atmos Yes Yes
connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wi-Fi 802.11n
sensors Not Temperature
Bluetooth 5.0 5.0
matter Not Yes
Colors black and white black and white
Price 329 euros (at launch it was 349 euros) 349 euros

Price and availability of the new HomePod

Apple's new second-generation HomePod mini

The new Apple HomePod can be reserved now online and in the Apple Store app, although it will not be available until next Friday, February 3 -within two weeks.

Its price is planted in the 349 eurosa cost that is not exactly cheap, but what Apple product is?