Apple poses a scam in terms of innovation

Tim Cook

There are events or decisions within Apple that even the biggest fans of the company cannot justify, especially when they talk about innovation or development when it is a real rehash with respect to the parameters mentioned. Therefore, in this article, we go from latest news of Apple and the lack of creativity that is causing wrong decisions.

New iMac, with M3 chip?

There are more and more rumors that point to the renewal of the 24-inch iMaca device that underwent a redesign with the launch of the first-generation Apple Silicon and that will have a chip Third generation Apple Silicon. However, the problem lies in the sense that the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini all have the M2 chip. Is the iMac not going to have an M2?

According to the rumors, the iMac is going to hop the second generation of Apple Silicon when the M2 chip has not even been a year since its launch. Apple has always known how to structure its products very well, but with this new version, users may not be clear about what the structuring or segments of the products of the iMac and MacBook, since on the one hand you have the M2, on the other hand the M3 along with all the existing variants for them.

The average user will have a problem when it comes to differentiate products when you find different processors in computers that theoretically share the same market segment like the Mac mini, MacBook Air, and 24-inch iMac.

pink imac m1

Lack of innovation in the iPhone

We all know from the moment of launch that the iPhone 14 was going to be a failure In terms of sales, because it is practically identical to the previous generation, with slight improvements in the camera, processor, and notch reduction. However, the price of the device has taken a quantum leap, which is why many users prefer to buy the iPhone 13 or 12. Apple’s solution is to launch an iPhone of yellow colorand a renewal of covers in order to revitalize iPhone 14 sales, when the real problem is that No there is hardly any innovation between generations.

To all this, this device maintains the lightning connectoran obsolete connector and that Apple maintains generation after generation until it approaches the deadline determined by the European Union, which seeks a standardization of components to reduce climate change.

iPhone 11 yellow

Worst of all, the latest rumors point to the possibility that the next generation not all incorporate the connector USB-C, but the Pro and Pro Max versions will do it, keeping the Lightning connector for another generation in the input devices. Otherwise, the other option is for the input string would have the USB-C connector but not at the maximum transfer speed, but at a minor speed. In addition, we have to mention the possible launch of the fourth-generation iPhone SE, which is a compilation of components from previous generations to launch it on the market, so, to begin with, the news will be minimal.

iPhone 14 yellow

Finally, Apple proposes a solution Made in Applethat is, that the USB-C connectors have passed the Apple quality certificate and therefore, not all connectors have the same connection, a terrible strategy that many users understand.