Apple TV + premieres: new movie and Christmas special by Ted Lasso

ted lasso christmas

Taking into account that Fridays are the days chosen by Apple TV + to release new content, we are now on the third to last day of releases. Although, yes, it is the most prominent of these upcoming dates for being the last in which a new film will be released. We review here everything new, as well as the most outstanding news of the platform this week.

The Swan Song and other premieres of today

Today it finally opens The swan song, also known as Swan Song from its original title. The story is set in an almost immediate future and in which a father of a family must face a terminal illness, for which his trusted doctor proposes an alternative way to avoid the pain of his loved ones. It should be noted that its protagonist, Maheshala Ali, has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in this film.

Although today we have also had series episode premieres as usual every week.

  • Dickinson: premiere of chapter 9 of the third and final season (29 of the series).
  • Swagger: premiere of chapter 10 (last of the first season).
  • The Shrink Next Door: premiere of chapter 8 (last of the first season).

Last but not least, to tell you that a Ted Lasso Christmas short, but as you can not imagine. And it is that Jason Sudeikis and company have stopped being flesh and blood to become animated characters. You can enjoy this special right here:

The most outstanding news of the week

This week there have been several relevant news for the platform such as the premiere of the trailer for the Servant Season 3, which has also had confirmation of a fourth season that will also be the last. This series created by M. Night Shyamalan will return to Apple TV + on January 21. It has also been confirmed that there will be second season of Invasion after he was fired last week.

On the other hand, we have also had The Afterparty trailer, a new comedy (yes, comedy) that revolves around a murder mystery at a party. During its eight episodes we will be able to solve the case through the gaze of each of its protagonists, with unexpected turns and without stopping laughing (yes, we emphasize that it is a comedy). The series will also premiere on January 21.

Also in these days we have heard about the new miniseries Suspects, which will hit the Apple TV + catalog on February 4. It is a thriller starring Uma Thurman that revolves around the kidnapping of the son of a prominent businesswoman, who immediately begins to suspect four apparently normal British citizens. At the moment there is no promotional video.

Yes we have had a teaser of Separation, a new thriller that brings together a group of award-winning actors led by Adam Scott, who plays the director of a curious company in which employees have undergone surgery to avoid mixing work and professional memories, although Scott’s own character ends up not understand anything and tries to find the real nature of both his work and his own life.

We remember that the other premiere with a confirmed date that we have for next year is Macbeth, a new feature film adaptation that will enter the catalog on January 14. In any case, we remember that Apple always keeps surprises in store and it is not ruled out that in the next few days we will find out more confirmations, since 2022 will come very full of premieres.