Apple withdraws the new HomePod update after several problems are reported

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If you have a HomePod, surely you were looking forward to a new software update for your speaker because Apple had quite abandoned it. At WWDC 2019 they announced significant news for this team and they finally arrived with the arrival of version 13.2, but some users after updating the HomePod have encountered many problems, such as being completely blocked. From Apple they have already recognized this problem by withdrawing the update and we hope that in the coming weeks a new update will be released solving this problem that renders the HomePod useless.

Software version 13.2 leaves some HomePods bricked

After the release of version 13.2 for the HomePod, many users they filled the networks reporting the problems that it was presenting. A few minutes later a thread was opened. Reddit where all these failures were commented that we also saw reported through Twitter with numerous videos mentioning the Apple support account.

As we have been able to read, many users found that after updating their speaker none of the new features that were announced by Apple came out. That is why decided to factory reset the speaker and they found that when starting it from scratch a red ring appeared and they began to restart constantly. In general, the speakers began to restart every 8-10 seconds without being able to give it time to restore itself correctly.

Interestingly, this problem coincided with a drop in Apple Music services that lasted several hours although right now everything works correctly. Some experts suggest that there could be some relationship between the two events.

From Apple they have decided to interrupt the update to version 13.2 so right now if you didn’t update yesterday you won’t be able to do it until they release the update again. Apple has started recommending customerss Bring your HomePods to an Apple Store for diagnostics and receive a replacement product while it is being repaired, all under the HomePod warranty.

In a supporting document They have also recommended that if you have already updated to version 13.2, do not restore it in any case or delete it from the Home application, since if you do it it will surely block.

The truth is that we do not understand that an update that was announced several months ago has this bug so serious that it leaves computers totally blocked. We trust that in the next hours or days a complementary update will be released to solve this blockage and in the same way you can enjoy the new features included. This update is also expected to fix internet issues on the HomePod.

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