Are LinkedIn certifications useful for anything?

linkedin work

Surely at this time some of you are looking for a job because you don’t have one, or on the contrary you want to grow professionally because you are not comfortable in your position. For this we can use LinkedInthe social platform specially designed for these tasks.

The first thing we should know at this point is that when we talk about LinkedIn, we are referring to a social network especially dedicated to professionals. Actually, it could be considered as one of the leading social platforms when it comes to searching and finding a job. Here we find a platform for the world of work that millions of people use daily around the world.

As it could not be otherwise, it puts at our disposal many functionalities focused on this area. Here it is important, once we have created our own personal account, that we know how to get around a bit. In this way we must take advantage of the advantages that it offers us to find work as soon as possible. First of all, we must bear in mind that it is a social network with almost 600 million usersand around 40% use it almost daily.

Here we want to focus on the certifications that we can use on the platform and if they can really help us in that goal that we mentioned, finding a new job. We must bear in mind that users here Show your work experience so that employers can consult it. In the same way, we can always join different communities with common interests at that moment to connect with other professionals related to our sector.

Find a job faster with certifications on LinkedIn

We have already told you before that here we find many functions and tools that will allow us to grow professionally and find work faster. For example, we have certain online courses That allow us improve our training. It should be noted that some of these courses even provide digital certifications that, of course, we have the possibility of adding to our profile.

To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, these LinkedIn certifications are the ones that really serve to prove that we are able to carry out a certain task. Therefore, all those who at a certain moment have wondered about the usefulness of these certifications on the social platform, the answer is that they can be very helpful.

In fact, we are just demonstrating to potential employers that they are going to visit our profile, that we are officially qualified to carry out certain tasks. And it is that as you can imagine, it is not the same to manually add a certain specialty to our profile, than to certify it officially and digitally. These items that we obtain after completing the corresponding courses they let employers know in a real way that we are qualified for these tasks.

Obviously once we obtained the corresponding certifications that we have earned with our effort, we must add them to our profile. In this way they will be available to all those who visit the same and want to know our capabilities and specialties. This is something that we can easily do on the platform. We just have to go to Add section / Professional and academic career. From there we can include all this through licenses and certifications.