Are you going to take your computer to be fixed? Don’t EVER do it without doing this first.

windows pc error

Despite the fact that no one likes us, sometimes we can find certain problems in our Windows based computer. The reasons for these failures can be very varied and can even lead us to the equipment not starting.

Many users are perfectly qualified to try to find solutions and thus solve their problems with the computer. But the majority, depending on the failure that has occurred, do not have the necessary training to solve all this. Therefore, in the event that we are faced with a major error on our Windows computer, as a general rule we use a company or specialized technician. Obviously, what we ask of you is that you fix the equipment and leave it practically as if it had just left the factory.

These errors can be caused by a failure in the PC’s hardware or software, some type of malicious code that has been introduced, or even some own error. Be that as it may, what we want is a quick and effective solution by the corresponding professional. However, we should not be trusting, since on the computer it is possible that we have information that we do not want to be accessible to others. Therefore, there are a series of precautionary measures that we should take before leaving our equipment at the technician.

Do not provide software access keys

Generally, to access our Windows operating system we have a PIN or password established. Something similar can happen with certain programs that we have installed on our computer. This means that in the event that we are forced to leave the equipment in a technical service, we should not provide these access codes under any circumstances. If you have to do access tests to the system, the best thing is that we are in front.

Copy all private files to another device

The usual thing is that we have stored a good amount of files and folders on our hard drives with personal and private information. Here we refer to files related to our economy, work, personal photos and videos, and much more. Before leaving the equipment in a technical service it is best to move all of this to an external storage unit. We are talking about a USB memory, I see an external hard drive where we can dump all of it to recover it once they return us to the team. In this case, cloud storage services can also be a good solution.

Clear browser data

Perhaps the technician needs to carry out a series of tests with our computer. For this he will have to access the different software that we have installed on it. Hence precisely, as we said before, the need to dump those files that we consider private to another device. However, it must be taken into account that the browser we use by default, normally ChromeFirefox or edge, stores a large amount of private data. Therefore, we also recommend that you clean all of this before leaving our equipment in other hands.

Clean the Windows Trash

On many occasions we think that it is enough to select the files that we want to delete and click on the delete key. However, by default all this remains in the Recycle Bin Windows, so it would be accessible to third parties. That is precisely why we recommend you to clean and completely delete this element from the system so that nothing is stored.