Are you playing and run out of battery on your PS4 controller? watch this


One of the negative impressions of the SONY PlayStation 4 is that the factory does not allow us to charge the PS4 DualShock with the console at rest. This is a problem, since many times we leave the controls connected to the console for a later game and nothing is more exasperating than not being able to relax after returning from work and in our free time.

The PlayStation 4 is still a console that many people continue to play today and with the lack of its successor and still receiving great games, it is normal for users to continue using it. However, one of the problems has to do with the battery life of the game and the charge of the controllers. Which forces us to leave the console on, consuming electricity and not being able to take advantage of the standby mode of the console. However, there is an easy way to fix the problem.

How to charge the DualShock 4 with the PS4 in sleep? Guide

Let’s face it, one of the worst things about SONY’s PS4 is the fact that its controller’s battery dies quickly. It is not uncommon to see users with an extra-long USB cable to be able to play games or alternate between two controllers. The worst comes when after a long game and we resume it we realize that the DualShock 4 is still with as little battery as it was a few hours ago.

However, this has a solution and we can do it from the same console, so you won’t need to spend additional money so that your DualShock 4’s battery is charged again once you have left the controller connected to the console for perform other tasks. It is important to clarify that we are not talking about completely turning off the PS4, since we need it to receive power from the electrical network in order to be able to charge the controller.

First of all, after turning on the console you have to go to the settings from the main menu of the console.

  • Select the Power Saving Settings option.
  • This will display several different options, from where you have to choose Set features available in sleep mode
  • The next thing to select is: Supply power to USB ports-Always.

This will turn power to the USB ports into standby mode and you will be able to use the console to not only charge the DualShock 4, but other peripherals as well. However, do not forget that it is not a USB-C type interface, so it is not fast charging and the charging time will be long. So you will still have to wait to play. Please note that this fix is ​​so you can return to console after doing other activities in between.

What if we can’t charge through the USB ports?

If this is the problem, then we recommend that you take the console in for service or find a reputable repair shop. Although it is not normal for this to happen, it is a problem, since you will have to load the DualShock 4 from your PS4 and you will not be able to do it. In any case, make sure that the USB ports are really the ones that do not work, due to the fact that it is common for cables, especially those of poor quality, to break easily and stop working. Also try to keep the console ports clean. Although it is not common for such a port to fail, it is also possible for one of the ports to malfunction. That is why we always recommend having a USB multimeter to test the health of the different ports.

PS4 USB Ports Charge DualShock 4

And what solutions are there if I can’t charge the DualShock 4 from my PS4? Well, we have two of them. Because the USB protocol is standard in terms of power supply you will not have any problem using the corresponding cable and a USB adapter. Any of them will work for you. Another option if you are impatient is to use a PowerBank like the one used to charge mobile phones and similar devices. In any case, from experience it is not a very comfortable option when playing with our PS4, especially if we have the external battery hanging.

How does the USB charging mechanism work on the PS4?

In simple terms it is not different from any other device, so the explanation would end in that sense. However, one of the problems that high consumption devices usually have is that the USB ports are usually not active when they go into standby mode. The reason for this is for security and to prevent malicious software from being injected or in the case at hand that it can be used to load an unofficial operating system that gives access to unsigned software. In other words: piracy.

Southbridge PS4 Charge DualShock 4

In PS4 what we know as the peripheral controller or Southbridge is outside the main SoC, it is governed by an ARM processor and has its own RAM memory. When PS4 goes to sleep, what it does is turn off the CPU and give control to this processor, which runs its own operating system and handles tasks such as downloading games, patches, and updates. Moreover, it is when we turn on the console that it is the first device that starts up and a more advanced version of it has been merged with the custom Flash controller for SONY in the case of PS5.

By having access to PS4 input and output devices you also have access to USB ports. When from the console options we are telling it to activate the power of the USB ports, what is being done is telling the CPU of the PS4 Southbridge that when it takes control, it allows the power of the USB ports.