Avoid any distractions while using Word with this simple change

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No one can deny that Microsoft Word is the best word processor on the market, an application that, with more than 30 years on the market, has become, on its own merits, the best and most complete option for anyone who needs to write. a simple letter or create a list to those who use cross references from which to extract the data through Excel or Access. Nobody can deny what is obvious, although some users insist on doing so.

For some time now, many users have begun to use applications without any type of distraction, that is, without any type of user interface and where they only have a blank sheet on which to express their ideas. These types of applications generally rely on Mark Down writing to allow users to format text on the flywithout having to select the text to set it bold, underline it, strike it out, set default title formats among others.

These applications have become essential for people who spend many hours in front of a computer creating content, being widely used in the journalistic and literary fields as well as in studies. However, Microsoft is aware of the need of these users and also allows us to write completely removing the user interface so that the only distraction is our environment and not the different elements that make it up.

Distraction-free writing in Word

The solution that Microsoft makes available to these users not only eliminates the user interface showing only a blank page, but also allows the document to be formatted as we write, but without the need to use Mark Down writing. Word puts at our disposal three types of application interface, options are available from the button just to the left of the minimize button. Clicking on this button shows 3 options:

  • Automatically hide the ribbon
  • show tabs
  • Show tabs and commands

The natively set option is last, Show tabs and commands. This option shows us the classic ribbon along with the top bar menus File, Start, Search and more. The option show tabs, only shows the upper part, that is, the File, Home, Search options, and more. While the option Automatically hide the ribbonit removes both the ribbon tabs and the command line.

Distraction-free writing in Word

This is the option we should choose when we want to reduce distractions to a minimum. If, in addition, we want to format the text while we write it to format it and/or highlight what is most important, we can use the Control + N keys before writing the word that we want to show in bold and press that key combination again when we have finished to write in bold. As we can see, it is not necessary to access the tabs or tabs and commands interface to be able to format the text while we are writing it, as with Mark Down applications.