Avoid fines: it’s that easy to know your driving license points

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The queries and procedures that we can now do through the internet are increasing. In this way we avoid going to the corresponding official centers, as was the case a few years ago, with the time savings that all of this brings us. Now we are going to show you how to see the remaining points on your driver’s licenseall online.

This is something that many of you may be wondering, either because you have received a series of fines, or because you are simply interested in knowing how many points you have available. It is worth mentioning that this is something that you can consult quickly and easily through the internet. For this, the first thing we recommend you to have is a secure connection. We are going to deal with personal and sensitive data, so we do not recommend making these queries through public networks.

Requirements to consult the points of the driving license

Even doing it from work through a connection used by many other colleagues is not recommended. Once you know this, for the process as such, in the beginning, it is only necessary to start our Internet navigator Favourite. In addition, as we are informed by the DGT itself or General direction of trafficit is also essential that we have our circulation permit is in force.

From all this, we will be ready to obtain the corresponding information from our history of points on the driver’s license. This way we will obtain the penalized or gained points, at the same time that we see the infractions for which we lost those points. We will also obtain the awareness courses that we carry out at the time. We must also take into account that our driving license is associated with a number of points that we can lose for various reasons. infractions.

See the points available in the navigator

The first thing we do from our Internet browser is to access the DGT official page for these types of tasks. Here we find the different ways through which we can obtain the points available on our driving license.

We will even have the possibility to request a appointment in the event that we want to make the consultation in person. But we will also have the possibility of carrying out the entire process without leaving home and receiving the data shown on the computer screen. Keep in mind that this request we are making refers to private and official data. This means that we are going to need some secure authentication system to be able to access this information from the DGT. Here we can choose between the usual user and passwordor use [email protected].

If we opt for the first of the methods, we will only have to enter the corresponding ones on the web. access credentials. Obviously before that we should have registered on the page DGT official website.

card points password

On the other hand, if we opt to use [email protected], by clicking on the corresponding icon we will have the possibility to introduce the identifier staff in question.

card key points

Once we have entered our personal pin provided by the [email protected] method, we will be able to see on the screen the points of the driving license that we still have left.