Avoid getting hacked when using qBittorrent with these changes

qbittorrent hacker

We have different ways to download content from the internet, starting with the direct download function offered by web browsers. But we also have the possibility of making use of Torrent clients that give us access to the popular P2P networks, as is the case with qBittorrent.

As a general rule we use this type of applications in the form of torrent clients to download both personal files and files related to the professional world. Keep in mind that many companies use these networks to share large files and own projects with its workers and clients. In the same way, many users use them to make other multimedia files available, as I am sure many of you already know.

But to benefit from all the advantages that the P2P networks, first of all, we must choose the program that we will use well. In this sense, one of the most popular is qBittorrent, both for its functionality and its stability. The application offers us all kinds of customizable features to adapt it to our needs. Here we find parameters that will help us to optimize the functioning of the client, personalize its use, or increase security.

It is precisely in this last section that we want to focus on these same lines, since it is important to maintain our privacy and security here. Keep in mind that most of the use of this application is done online. In addition, on certain occasions we share certain sensitive information that we do not want to be available to everyone. To all this we are going to add what we can use this client remotely thanks to the web interface that offers us.

Protect your security and privacy in qBittorrent

Precisely below we want to talk about this functionality focused on using the web interface for our personal qBittorrent client. As you can imagine, all this allows us to access our client remotely and from any browser to carry out management tasks and conventional use. However, this mode of operation forces us to take certain precautions to avoid being hacked.

In order to configure this functionality of qBittorrent that we are commenting on, we only have to go to the Tools / Options / Web interface menu option. It is worth mentioning that by default this is a feature that comes disabled, so first of all we will have to put it into operation. We achieve this by activating the selector that we find at the top of the window.

Once this is done, the parameters corresponding to the function will be activated so that we can customize it. In order to improve security when we carry out this type of connection, the first thing we recommend is to establish a complex and strong password. We indicate this once we have given a username to our personal connection in this sense. It must be said that here we will take a big step when it comes to protect connections via the web interface on qBittorrent.

Another recommendation is to activate the selector that reads Use HTTPS instead of HTTP to ensure that all connections made from now on are secure. Another interesting move here is set a number of attempts when making a connection. In this way those who try to use our user for the web interface of qBittorrent , they will have a limited number of attempts, which also improves security. In turn, the function itself proposes some additional measures such as the Clickjacking and CSRF protectionelements that we should keep activated at all times.