Avoid plagiarism of your PDFs by adding a watermark

Programs and websites to add watermarks to PDFs

Today, the use of the PDF format has become nothing short of essential when working with documents, especially if we are going to share them over the Internet. These types of files stand out for their wide compatibility with all types of operating systems and programs, as well as providing an extra security by guaranteeing that the file has not been modified. When sharing the content of these files we run the risk that they may be plagiarized or copied. To avoid this, it is possible to add a watermark.

Windows does not have by default any tool that allows us to carry out this work, so we will have to use different third-party applications. These softwares, along with the possibility of inserting a watermark, also allow you to modify the clarity of the images, preview the files, set the scale of the photos, among others.

Why add a watermark to a PDF

A watermark is nothing more than a seal or logo that is embedded in the document to establish it as a protection and as an anti-plagiarism system. That is why it is usually especially used when we want to claim the exclusivity of our document so that it cannot be used by other users without our consent and, if so, its original creator can be identified.

It is common for us to find this brand identified in the form of a logo or title, usually with a slight transparency and located in a corner. This anti-copy system can be very useful to us to protect our content. By adding it we can convert them into copyrighted material, so it is something especially interesting and that we must carry out to protect our content.

These stamps can also be customized, change the color and style of the text or its transparency. For this, it will be necessary to use a specialized program like the ones we are going to see in this article.

Best free programs

Next, we are going to see a series of programs through which we can establish a watermark to our PDFs to have their content well protected against plagiarism and copies.

Batch PDF Watermark, set up your brand easily

It is a free software that allows us to add a watermark to multiple documents at once. These can be both text and images. It is easy to use and integrates many useful functions, so it can be ideal for all types of users. If we add a text, it allows you to configure the settings of the font, name, color, rotation, opacity, among others. In the case of using an image, we can choose a template and design. Files can be imported into the program from File Explorer or by drag and drop. Its main drawback is that it has not received updates for many years, which is not an impediment for you to do the job efficiently.

it’s possible download free Batch PDF Watermark and use it freely.

jPDF Tweak, portable editor developed in Java

We are talking about a tool specially developed to edit files. Among its features it has the possibility of adding a watermark, either as transparent and customizable text or use the first page as a background stamp. It does not require installation so it can be executed from an internal storage device such as a pendrive or hard disk. We can add several files at the same time, although it is not compatible with the drag and drop function. In addition, it is developed in Java so we will need to have it installed to be able to run its JAR file.

jPDF Tweak

We can download jPDF Tweak for free from this link to the Sourceforge website.

Star PDF Watermark, configure the text to your liking

It is an application that will help us to personalize our authenticity stamps before applying them. It has a simple and minimalist design, without too many buttons or menus that can confuse less experienced users. Files can be added by navigating to their location or by dragging and dropping them. When writing the text we can choose the font or adjust the rotation angle and the transparency level, as well as set it horizontally or vertically. In addition, it is possible to draw a border on the text and add color or thickness.

Star PDF Watermark

it’s possible free download Star PDF Watermark and use it without any limitation.

PDFill Free PDF Tools, complete editor to seal our documents

We are talking about a very simple application with which to add watermarks via text or image to our archives. It also has other interesting functions such as the possibility of combining several PDFs in one, dividing large documents into smaller ones, protecting our data by creating passwords, as well as decrypting them by eliminating them. It also allows us to scan documents or images, as well as convert photos into transparent images. The application is simple to use and allows you to perform operations effortlessly.

PDFill Free PDF Tools

If we are interested we can download PDFill Free PDF Tools for free.

Weeny Free PDF Merger, add your brand and configure it to the maximum

We are talking about a program developed to help combine several PDF files into a single file. Along with its merging capabilities, this application offers the ability to add watermarks to documents and protect them with a password. We can add the files from its built-in explorer, as it does not support drag-and-drop support. We can add them as text or image, being able to customize the text (font, style, size and color) or upload a custom image (GIF, JPG, ICO, PNG, BMP format, etc). In addition, we can configure various parameters such as opacity, rotation angle and alignment, as well as see a preview of the result from its dedicated panel.

Weeny Free PDF Merger

Weeny Free PDF Merger is a free application that we can free download.

Web applications

If we do not want to install any software on our computer, we also have the possibility of adding watermarks to the PDF through web applications that we can access directly from our browser.

Sedja, performs editing tasks on PDFs

It is a web application that we can use to carry out different tasks with our documents, such as the possibility of adding a watermark. With its free version we can upload files with up to 200 pages or 50 MB in size, as well as perform up to 3 tasks per hour. We can upload the files directly from the hard drive either through cloud storage systems such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

Sedja add watermark to PDF

We can add stamps either like text or images, being able to place it in the center well in a personalized way in another place, as well as change the dimensions of the mark once we have loaded it into the tool. For the text there are three types of fonts (Helvetica, Courier and Times New Roman), being able to change both the size and the color.

We can use Sedja simply by clicking on this link to their official website.

PDF24 Tools, use it without limitations

We are talking about another free tool that we can use without limitations from our browser. It has a vast amount of editing options, among which is the possibility of adding stamps or watermarks to our documents. We can load the files directly from the hard drive, being compatible with the drag and drop function, or import them from Google Drive and Dropbox.

The application supports the insertion of marks in batches, being added to each one of the files that we add. We can change its position, font size and style (Helvetica, Times New Roman and Courier), empty its transparency, change the angle of rotation and set the horizontal and vertical space of this.

PDF24 Tools add watermark to PDF

To access all the functions of PDF24 Tools, simply click on this link to the developer’s website.

Soda PDF Online, design your brand with text or image

Another online tool that allows us to seal our documents against theft, along with another wide range of editing functions available. We can insert the files from the hard drive or services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing use of drag and drop. We can decide on which page or pages the mark appears, as well as its properties, such as changing the font, size, rotation, opacity and its position. It will be possible to insert both the logo of our company or product, as well as only text.

Soda PDF Online add watermark

We can access all the functions that Soda PDF Online offers by clicking on this link to your home page.

Which of all should we use?

As we have seen, we have a good range of free tools with which to add a stamp of authenticity to our documents. By not having to spend a single euro, we can always try them to see which one best suits what we are looking for. At the end of the day, they all allow us to insert that distinctive and anti-copy element to protect our private information.

If we are willing to download software to our PC, the option that we should not ignore is Batch PDF Watermark as it has a wide number of customization possibilities and despite the fact that it has not received support for a long time, it works effectively. In the event that we prefer to use a web application, any of them fulfills its mission, although Sedja It has some limitations, it is usually always one of the most popular options when editing our documents.