Back Market Opinions: Is It Really Worth It?

Every time you hear more about Back Market. Not so many years ago that this electronic device store arrived in Spain, offering another opportunity for those people who needed to buy cheaper mobile devices. However, there are still some doubts and reluctance from some users who do not fully dare to buy there. But in this article your doubts will be dispelled.

What is Back Market?


Back Market is a store dedicated exclusively to refurbished devices. It started in 2014, also reaching Spain, focusing on the sale of cheaper smartphones, both Android and iPhone. But then it was incorporating more and more items, such as tablets, laptops, televisions, household appliances, etc. But all these products have in common that they are reconditioned, and in return they have a cheaper price than the RRP.

This allows you have the best brands and the best mobile models, without giving up the latest editions released, but saving you good money. Sometimes it can be € 100 or more. So it is not a bad option. Despite these advantages, there are still those who doubt and that is why this article.

Back Market sell online, through its official website. So you can buy everything you need from anywhere and they will send it to your home. On the other hand, it should be noted that the web works with an algorithm in which it positions the highest quality products first, and with more positive opinions.

Back Market is not a direct seller, but they exist various sellers who are the ones who put their reconditioned products for sale through this portal that brings them all together. That is to say, it is a kind of Amazon of the reconditioned ones. This helps to have a variety of devices and all the best brands (Sony, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, etc.).

Among the sellers there are not only third parties who sell the refurbished electronics products, but there are also brands that directly sell their products Refurbished here, such as Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, etc. This means that it will be the creator himself who is in charge of fine-tuning the device, while in the rest of the vendors it may have been they if they have sent the device to the technical department or it may have been the vendors themselves.

Of course, you do not have to worry about the origin, since whatever the Back Market seller has gone through strict control to be able to sell through this platform. That makes them have to meet high quality standards, thus guaranteeing consumer satisfaction. If a seller does not meet these expectations, their products can be withdrawn from the store until they do, and even ban the sale altogether if the situation is not corrected.

Back Market is a trustworthy and secure website where to buy. In addition to the different product sections, it also has a search engine to locate a specific brand or model that you are looking for. It also highlights the quality of the service and the options offered to the client to follow up, communicate problems with shipments, etc.

What is a reconditioned?


The term reconditioned, or refurbished in English, it refers to a device that cannot be sold as new. However, it is not a second-hand product, and it is somewhat confusing to understand at first. When you see a device labeled as refurbished somewhere, like in the Back Market, what you are trying to indicate is that the product has been checked, repaired, or repackaged.

There are many cases where a device can be labeled as refurbished, and these products will work. as if they were new. For example, some cases in which a product would be labeled as refurbished are:

  • Phones that have been exposed in display stands or shop windows. And although no one has used them, they cannot be sold as new.
  • Devices that have been returned by customers because they were not satisfied or because they have tried it for a few days and have regretted it.
  • Products whose original box is not available or has some damage to the packaging.
  • Phones in which some type of defect or problem has been detected:
    • It can be surface defects, such as small scratches and other marks.
    • Or it could also be technical problems for which they have been returned to the manufacturer for repair and resold as refurbished.
  • There are also cases in which they are totally new, but come from surpluses, from leases or leases, etc.

They have a guarantee?

A very frequent question when buying reconditioned is whether or not they have a warranty. By law, these products had a 2-year warranty, now extended up to 3 years warranty. In the case of Back Market mobiles, they are still sold with a 2-year guarantee, which is not bad at all, providing a lot of confidence compared to second-hand products that you do not know their true state or if some type of guarantee can be agreed with the seller.

How to choose the best mobile device in Back Market

status Back market opinions

When buying a refurbished device in Back Market, you should know that on this page the level of functionality and quality of the products is measured. They all go through checks to detect what the state is. When he started out he used grades like Silver, Gold, Platinum, or A, B, and C, numerical scores, etc. These systems have now been simplified to make them more intuitive:

  • Excellent: it is as if it were new, it has nothing to review. It is in perfect condition and they are the ones with the highest price.
  • Very good: almost like new, it works perfectly, but it could have some small marks or scratches on the case that can be seen if you look closely.
  • Okay– Similar to above, but those markings may be more obvious to the naked eye. These would be the cheapest.

It is important that you pay attention to that, since you can find the same mobile in Back Market that you may have various quality levels, the best being more expensive.

Back Market opinions: advantages and disadvantages


Back Market is the quintessential store for reconditioned, although they are also sold in others such as PCComponentes, Amazon, etc. You can find a multitude of products at good prices, with quality, guarantees, and backed by a platform like this. A safe and quiet way to buy cheaper technology.

According to the opinions of users who have purchased products in this store, the advantages and disadvantages to buy in Back Market are:

  • Advantages:
    • Platform with secure and trustworthy payments.
    • High quality standards for your vendors.
    • A lot of information on the status of the product and opinions of users who bought it.
    • Warranty of up to 2 years.
    • Trial period of the product to verify if you are satisfied.
    • Certainty that they will work.
    • Very wide product catalog.
    • You collaborate with the environment by reducing e-waste when buying this type of device.
    • Track your order.
    • You save a good amount of money.
    • Latest generation models.
  • Disadvantages:
    • You don’t know exactly why the phone was labeled as refurbished.
    • They are more expensive than second-hand ones.
    • The most common option is to buy a new device, although it is also more expensive. And many times the difference between the two is so minimal, or non-existent in some cases, that it is not worth it.