be quiet! Silent Wings 4: first fans with RPM selector

Silent Wings 4

the german manufacturer be quiet! is well known in the hardware industry for many factors, such as its sleek black aesthetic, its PC fans, or its power supplies. The Silent Wings 3 family has been very successful in recent years, and now they have announced the release of the next iteration, the Silent Wings 4whose PRO version comes for the first time with a physical speed selector. We tell you everything below.

Normally, when you have to buy one or more fans for your PC, you have to base yourself on technical specifications or reviews to be able to properly choose the one that best suits your needs, looking for a balance between noise and performance. Thus, you may have to choose less powerful but quieter fans or vice versa, but with the Silent Wings 4 this problem is over because, as we have mentioned, they have a switch that will allow you to easily select their maximum operating speed, adapting to what you need instantly.

This is how the be quiet! Silent Wings 4

This new generation of Silent Wings fans incorporates a series of quite important improvements with respect to the last generation range. be quiet! It still maintains its renowned 6-pole motor that provides an excellent balance between performance, silence and durability, but for this range they have wanted to improve the static pressure that they are capable of generating to optimize their operation on heatsinks and radiators.

How have they done this? To begin with, the arrangement of the blades has been changed, which are still fluted but are now slightly longer so that there is less space between the tip of the blade and the frame, something that significantly improves the air pressure that they are capable of generating. Its maximum operating speed has also been increased (we’ll get into this soon) and its anchorage has been completely changed, so that now we can mount it with a screw, with a rubber insert or with a clip because the four corners are interchangeable.

Additionally, the Silent Wings PRO 4 model comes with a physical switch that allows us to change its maximum speed. We are talking about PWM fans whose speed is controlled automatically depending on the system temperature, but what we can modify is the maximum they reach, being able to choose between “medium”, “high” and “ultra-high” for maximum performance, yes. , at the expense of silence. In this regard, be quiet! has assured us that in medium mode they are virtually inaudible, as usual.


On the other hand, be quiet! has introduced another very interesting improvement in these fans, and that is that instead of using the usual 4-pin PWM connector that we are used to seeing, they have oversized it to facilitate its extraction; Normally, when a fan connector is connected, it is quite difficult to disconnect it because the whole header is inserted into the connector, and in the end, many times we end up pulling the cable. Now with the new connector this will no longer be necessary and it will also look quite stylish in combination with the premium grade cable cover.

Silent Wings 4 Fans

Price, availability and specifications

Within the new Silent Wings 4 range of be quiet! we have different variants, since as we have told you before we have the “normal” fans and the PRO variant, which is the one that has the maximum speed selector. In addition, we have 120 and 140mm models from both ranges, and we can even choose their maximum speed if we want. We summarize everything in the following table:

Variant Maximum speed Minimum speed
Silent Wings 4 120mm 1600RPM ~10-15% of maximum speed
Silent Wings 4 140mm 1100RPM ~10-15% of maximum speed
Silent Wings 4 120mm PWM 1600RPM ~10-15% of maximum speed
Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM 1100RPM ~10-15% of maximum speed
Silent Wings 4 120mm PWM high speed 2500RPM ~10-15% of maximum speed
Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM high speed 1900RPM ~10-15% of maximum speed
Silent Wings Pro 4 120mm PWM 1600RPM (medium)
2500 RPM (high-speed)
3000 RPM (ultra-high-speed)
~10-15% of maximum speed
Silent Wings Pro 4 140mm PWM 1100RPM (medium)
1900 RPM (high-speed)
2400 RPM (ultra-high-speed)
~10-15% of maximum speed

All these new fans will be available from July 19 (the date on which, by the way, we will show you first-hand what they are like and how they work in our review of them) at a price of €23.90 for the fans. 120mm Silent Wings 4 models, €24.90 for the 140mm models, €31.90 for the 120mm Pro model and €32.90 for the 140mm Pro model.