Best apps to draw Anime on Android

Manga and anime have spread around the world from Japan. This art has more and more fans, both consumers of comics and animated series and movies, even those who have found their true calling in drawing. Well, there are a number of apps to draw anime on Android which are especially good. Here are some of the most recommended, so you can spend hours recreating your favorite scenes and characters, or to create your own.



Krita is a free and open source app which is designed for artists. This app is very rich in tools and possibilities, and one of the best apps for drawing anime, comics, creating illustrations, animations, etc. It is very powerful, and it is designed to improve productivity, without distractions, and with compatibility for a multitude of file formats, including PSD.

Krita also supports the animation, storyboarding, comic creation, Python scripting, project management, and has a multitude of colors, a large selection of tools, filters, and much more. In short, it is a fantastic and extremely flexible app.

Krita (Free, Google Play) →

ibis Paint

ibis paint, apps to draw anime

ibis Paint is another of the best apps to draw anime or manga. This drawing application is very popular and versatile. It has millions of satisfied users thanks to its more than 78 filters, more than 800 text fonts, more than 4500 brushes, more than 2700 materials, 26 blending modes, recording of drawing processes, and many other advantages offered by its environment. drawing to make the best lines and compositions.

ibis Paint (€ 10.99, Google Play) →

MediBang Paint

megabang apps to draw anime

MediBang Paint is another alternative to the previous ones, also free. With her you can create spectacular digital comics, in addition to drawing favorite anime characters. It has many resources, such as brushes, fonts for the speech bubbles, default backgrounds, etc. It also allows cloud storage, so you don’t lose any of your creations.

Create illustrations and comics in a simple way, with a multitude of possibilities, an interface designed to offer an optimal experience on mobile devices and to draw with your fingers, with hundreds of shades to choose from, textures, backgrounds, balloons dialogue, etc. All for free.

MediBang Paint – Drawing (Free, Google Play) →


Clip Studio

The next option is called CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and it is paid, although it offers 3 months free so you can try it. It is one of the best apps to draw anime. Also, many professional creators use it Worldwide. Its designers have ensured that it allows to draw very natural brushstrokes and great expressiveness.

If you combine this app with graphics tablets like Wacom, you will get almost a professional working environment to work with. Thousands of brushes, automatic AI coloring, 3D import, line thickness and shape adjustments, line stabilization function for greater perfection, etc.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT (Free, Google Play) →

Jump paint

Jump Paint, apps to draw anime

Jump Paint is the official Shonen JUMP app. It is free, and designed to teach about illustration of this type of drawings, to start creating your own manga stories and adventures. In addition to the resources it provides, it also allows you to participate in contests, publish works to make them known, etc.

An app that arises from the collaboration between the dreams of Shonen JUMP and MediBang Paint, achieving more than 12 million downloads. Designed so artists everywhere could draw their characters using the functions of MediaBang Paint.

JUMP PAINT by MediBang (Free, Google Play) →

Draw Anime & Manga

draw anime and manga

Finally, this other apps to draw anime is also available. In it you can learn how to draw anime with his tutorials and practicing step by step with some popular anime or manga characters. With a multitude of resources, characters and lessons. It does not need an Internet connection, and it allows you to start from scratch, without having to have a certain level as it happens with other apps.

Using it you will get to easily draw female and male anime characters. Starting from scratch, with simple lines and shapes and gradually adding lines until the final figure is obtained, as can be seen in the previous image.

Draw Anime & Manga (Free, Google Play) →

Differences between Anime and Manga

anime vs manga

Although they are often used synonymously, Manga and Anime are different concepts that you should differentiate:

  • Sleeve– Refers to all kinds of cartoons, comics, and animation. It comes from two kanji words “man” and “ga”, which mean improvised and images respectively. However, outside of Japan the word manga has been used to specifically describe comics.
  • Anime: instead, this other term refers specifically to cartoons or animated comics of all kinds. That is, outside of Japan it is used to refer to animated manga.

As you can see, there are small nuances that differentiate manga from anime. For example, outside of Japan it could be considered that a Dragon Ball comic is manga and that a movie or the Dragon Ball series itself is anime. In addition, there are some manga works that do not have an anime version or vice versa.