Best apps to learn multiplication tables

The multiplication tables are an important part of mathematics and if you want your children to learn much faster, then you need to see our list of apps to learn multiplication tables.

Mathematics can be a challenge for the little ones at home, but luckily, nowadays there are educational apps that will help make the learning process more effective.

These applications they are very practical and after starting to use them, you will notice how your children improve more and more in their mastery of the multiplication tables.

Multiply with Max

Multiply with Max

First of all, we will have to Multiply with Max. It is a free app designed so that children learn through games all the multiplication tables.

Max is a friendly dog ​​who will be present during the games and exercises to interact with the children so that they can achieve their goals. and learn the tables the verbatim.

This app includes mini-games and you can choose which multiplication table to learn first. The further you go, the higher the level of difficulty of the exercises.

In order to test your children, the application includes time trials, various practice exercises and games to complete with other players. Before starting a challenge, a short training is included.

Multiply with Max (Free, Google Play) →

Math: Multiplication

Math Multiplication

Math: Multiplication teaches ways to do multiplication through exercises. It uses a smart approach to fix bugs and to provide the best possible guidance.

It is possible to choose two different modalities to learn to multiply. First, you will have the method learning and then the method training. Through the learning method, the application will show you how to make a multiplication giving the details of each step.

On the other hand, using the training modality, each will do the multiplication step by step, and the app will detect possible errors that are made during the exercise, and will give the appropriate indications.

There’s a possibility to choose the difficulty levels, and as the exercises are completed, the application will give a score and point out the errors.

Math: Multiplication (Free, Google Play) →

Multiplication table

Practical multiplication table

another of the apps to learn multiplication tables It’s Multiplication Table. It is a useful app for all ages, from small children to students of other educational levels.

It comes with several games in the best “puzzle” style to assist in the process of train the brain in order to solve tests with a higher speed, both in basic levels and more complicated levels.

Practical multiplication table (Free, Google Play) →

learn to multiply

Learn to Multiply

Learn to multiply is the ideal app for the children of the house, and they can use it to memorize the multiplication tables from 1 to 12.

Within the app you will meet Henry, a nice character who will you have to help selecting the blocks with the correct answers. In turn, the application is similar to many children’s video games, in which the character must go through challenges to reach their destination.

after you achieve solve up to 5 multiplications without depleting Henry’s lives, you will be rewarded with a new level. In total there will be 4 levels, and the more multiplications you complete, the challenges will become more complex.

In the later levels, you will see a review section of the multiplication tables from 1 to 12.

Learn to Multiply (Free, Google Play) →

Learn multiplication tables

Learn multiplication tables

In Learn multiplication tables you will play with a panda bear that will help you learn the multiplication tables while playing an entertaining math game.

This is an app specially designed for the children who begin the school, and it is that it was designed with the help of teachers.

In addition, it uses the automatic learning mechanism, reducing the number of exercises that are solved quickly and increasing the number of exercises more complex to solve so that it is the children’s task to complete each one of them.

While using the app, children will have to feed the panda bear and solve exercises to get more food for the bear You can choose difficulty levels and configure the type of exercises, which vary between multiplications or divisions.

Learn Multiplication Table – T (Free, Google Play) →

math games

math games

It is another completely free application that offers math tricks,multiplication tables and math games with operations that include addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division.

Next, it offers lessons and exercises for children to practice multiplication tables, math tests and solving equations.

Like the rest of apps to learn multiplication tables, You can choose the level of complexity depending on the age, and it has 16 styles of mathematical tasks.

Incorporates a rating system detailed, in which the grades will be represented with different graphics. You will be able to unlock new lessons the more you use the application and manage to complete the multiplications correctly.

Math Games, Math (Free, Google Play) →

Through these apps, your children will improve their skills to complete the multiplication tables, and there will be a considerable increase in their proficiency in mathematics.