Beware of this limitation when recording a video in PowerPoint

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If we have the need to design a multimedia presentation, one of the most efficient applications that we find is PowerPoint from Microsoft. This program offers us everything we need so that we can create content of this type that surprises your audience.

And it is that we must bear in mind that one of the main objectives of this type of presentation is precisely to attract the attention of those to whom we show them. This is something we can achieve in the aforementioned office program in different ways. For this, Microsoft itself offers us a good number of functions and features that we can make use of in the software. Obviously here it also comes into play and has a very important role in our creativity and imagination.

Likewise, as time goes by and we create new projects here, we will add experience. It will be very helpful in the future to achieve increasingly eye-catching and content-rich presentations. We must bear in mind that here not only the text of the slides matters, but we must also give the importance it owes to the additional content. In this case we refer to elements such as photos, tables or videos that we can add to our project.

But now we want to focus on the final presentation as such. Specifically, the way in which we are going to present it once we have finished it. We always have the possibility to execute the presentation as such in a computer with PowerPoint. But we can also run this project on computers where the Office suite has not been installed. With these we mean that for example we can create a video through that presentation.

Limitations of creating a video in PowerPoint

There is no doubt that this is a very useful functionality, since in practically all current equipment there is some type of media content player. In this way we can carry our presentation based on PowerPoint slides on top and play it without problems. However, there are certain limitations that we should keep in mind when generate a video from a presentation in this program.

As you can imagine, this gives us a good number of advantages, all through the Record menu option that we find in the main PowerPoint interface. Here we have the possibility to start the recording or video creation from the current slide, or from the first one.

At the same time, we found a good number of advantages for our project, such as the possibility of adding graphic elements in the recording process. We refer to annotations or marks that we can make in each of the slides that are part of the presentation. We will even have the possibility of moving the camera to give a more original tone to the video that we are creating.

But at the same time here we must take into consideration an important limitation that we are going to find. And it is that we must bear in mind in the creation process, that this multimedia content that we are designing cannot exceed 30 minutes. Although it may seem like more than enough time, many multimedia presentations generally exceed this period of time, since it includes waiting and displaying the contents of each slide. Once you know this data or limitationwe will be able to adapt our presentation to that space of time if we are going to generate a video.