Beware the new MacBook scam running around the internet

macbook gift scam

Unfortunately, it is already too common to find scams related to Apple and its products, of which obviously the brand itself or any other is not related. In recent weeks one related to a supposed MacBook gift which, as we anticipated, is not at all what it seems.

What is this new scam?

Occasionally we can find interesting sales on Amazon, in the same way that externally we can find influencers or brands that raffle gift cards to buy in this store. However, what is unusual is that it is Amazon itself that contacts you directly to send you a gift.

And this is the last scam of which the national police have echoed , since it is being so widespread that they have had to post a tweet to alert. It basically consists of receiving an email in which, supposedly, Amazon informs you that you are the winner of a brand new Apple MacBook. Thus, without further ado. Simply for being you and without having previously participated in a raffle or anything similar.

It seems obvious to know that it is a scam, but in case you were doubting, we already confirmed that it is not something real at all. We insist on emphasizing that neither Amazon nor Apple carry out actions of this type and, as nice as it sounds, if you want a MacBook you will have to acquire it legally.

The dangers of this type of phishing

Phishing is the name of this method by which cybercriminals usurp the identity of a brand or person to give greater credibility to their scam. In this one in particular, it is requested add personal and payment details so that the supposed Amazon can have them at its disposal to make the payment of the shipment to your address, but really that data will end up in the hands of criminals who will be able to use it at ease until the card is blocked.

Once again, in light of this, we can see that it is something very rare and that it should serve as a warning. If Amazon gives you a gift, it already sounds too strange that they are going to charge you for shipping, since it would give a bad image if they are able to give a product valued at more than 1,000 euros and are not able to also pay the postage . On the other hand, if you are an Amazon customer, they would already have your payment information and therefore it would not be necessary for you to enter them again.

Many times it is difficult to detect that it is a scam because the introduction of this data is done from a web page that in appearance is identical to the official Amazon, but nothing is further from the truth, since if you look at the url, you will see which is a completely different one. That is why you must have a thousand eyes and always distrust these types of emails.

The recommendation is that let your family and friends know, especially to those most vulnerable because they have a greater ignorance of how these types of scams work. It is also convenient that if you receive an email like this or similar, you report it to the police and / or the brand involved (in this case, Amazon). Y if you have choppedIt is recommended that you unsubscribe your card as soon as possible and proceed to file a complaint at a police station.