Bluetooth has stopped working in Windows: how to fix it

Bluetooth has stopped working

Bluetooth is that technology that has been with us for many years and does not go out of style. It is true that it has been advancing, it has been introducing improvements, but in the end the use is similar: connect several devices to each other or exchange files. However, sometimes we run into certain problems. In this article we are going to talk about what to do if Bluetooth has stopped working in Windows and an error message appears.

Why has Bluetooth stopped working?

Sometimes we run into the problem that Bluetooth has stopped working on Windows. It sends us a warning message and, in addition, we see that it does not synchronize when we connect a device. This can happen suddenly, but it usually has a reason behind it.

It may happen that we have a misconfiguration in the system. Perhaps we have changed something and that has caused failures in some connections or in the case of Bluetooth specifically. For example in the way Windows starts when we turn on the computer.

Another very common reason for this failure is that there is a problem with the bluetooth drivers. It may happen that they are out of date or that there is a conflict that prevents them from working correctly. We can also solve it simply by following a series of steps.

On the other hand, the windows version that you are using is going to be essential. Here you have to take into account that it may be out of date, but also that you have recently installed a new version but it does not work well and has generated some type of error on the computer.

How to fix this issue

We are going to explain the steps to take if you get the error that Bluetooth has suddenly stopped working in Windows. There are several possible solutionsso we will deal with any of the reasons that may have occurred and our device will work normally again.

Windows troubleshooter

The first thing you can try is to start the problem solver of Windows. It is an option that comes integrated with the system and can help solve certain problems that may arise, such as the case that Bluetooth suddenly stops working in the system and you cannot connect.

You have to go to Start, enter Settings, in the System section click on Troubleshoot and go to Other troubleshooterswhich appears in the next window to be able to choose the option that interests us.

A button appears that indicates Execute, in the section of Bluetooth, and that’s where you have to click. The process will automatically begin to detect possible errors that may exist and solve them or, at least, indicate the reason why it does not work and thus be able to take action.

Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Check service status

For Bluetooth to work in Windows, they need to be assets different processes. Perhaps some of them are not or even none. It may be due to a software problem or conflict with the operating system. What you are going to do in this case is to check the status of the services.

You have to go to Start, you write Services and you open it. The goal is to see that services like Bluetooth Tech Support, Bluetooth Audio Gateway, etc. are running. In case they are not running, you would have to run each of those services for them to work properly.

Running Services

Update drivers

You have the bluetooth drivers properly updated? It is possible that there was a conflict due to the fact that you are using an old version or that it has some problem. It is very important to always update this type of firmware to avoid security problems, but also to ensure that they work well and that errors do not appear.

To solve it you have to go to Start, enter Device Manager, click on Bluetooth, select the corresponding one and click the right mouse button to hit Update driver. In this way you will be installing the latest versions that are available. It is something that we recommend doing even if everything works fine, as it serves to prevent future problems that may appear.

Update Bluetooth drivers

disable bluetooth

Something similar you can do by disabling and re-enable the bluetooth device. This way you will solve any problem that has occurred with the driver, when Windows recognizes it, even if you have the latest version installed. The process is similar to what we have explained above.

You will have to go to Device Manager again, enter Bluetooth and select the appropriate adapter. But this time you are going to hit Disable device. What you do is force Windows to detect it again and enable it again. You can solve some bugs that have appeared and give rise to errors of this type.

Disable fast startup

Sometimes this problem can be related to the windows quick start. It is something that we can enable or not. You can try disabling it, in case you have it activated and this error appears that Bluetooth stops working for no apparent reason in Windows and you cannot connect.

To do this you have to go to Start, enter Control Panel, System and enter Energy options.

Energy options

Once inside, you have to go to Choose the behavior of the power button, Change the configuration currently not available (appears above) and there already uncheck the box for Activate fast startup. By default it is activated, but it may be the cause of this type of problem and you can try to deactivate it at least momentarily.

Verify that Windows is up to date

Just as it is important to update your Bluetooth drivers, so is having the latest version of Windows installed. This will avoid problems that may appear and incompatibilities with other programs and devices. This is something you should check periodically.

To update it you have to go to Start, enter Settings and click on Windows Update. There you will see what version you have installed and whether or not there is any pending installation that you must add. In case there is something, you should apply it. Also, it is a good idea to make sure that the changes are made correctly and that no files are left hanging, as this would lead to system failures.

Update Windows 11

In short, if you see that Bluetooth suddenly stops working in Windows and a message appears indicating that it cannot be used, the reasons may be various. Usually it is due to a conflict with the drivers or a misconfiguration of the system. However, you can carry out these steps that we have been mentioning so that everything works again as soon as possible.