Bluetti’s best offers for Christmas for its solar generators


After Black Friday, BLUETTI has put all the meat back on the grill with Christmas just around the corner. If you are looking for one excellent quality power stationAs well as at an unbeatable price, you will not be able to miss these offers with prices very similar to those of Black Friday. In addition, you will be able to enjoy free shipping costs in Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Great Britain. Next, we leave you a compilation of the best offers.

The best portable power models

Of special mention is one of the portable energy beasts: the station AC200P, with 2 kWh of power and an original price of 1999 €, we can get it at a historic minimum price during this Christmas, exactly the same as in the Black Friday offers. It is an all-terrain vehicle, as it has two alternating current outputs with up to 2000 watts power. Furthermore, with its 700W It can charge the entire battery pack in 4 hours, and it can be recharged through solar panels, in case you run out of battery. It is even one of the best products with the most positive reviews on Amazon.

Likewise, other Bluetti stations deserve special mention, such as EB55 and EB70, which were released recently. The EB70 mounts a 1000 W peak power sine wave inverter and batteries 716 Wh LiFePO4, something that surprises for its small size. On the other hand, the EB55 is similar, but it does not have the same capacity: 700 watts and 537 Wh batteries, but we win in portability.

These models will be on sale with € 110 discount on the occasion of Christmas, being able to buy the EB55 for € 559 ​​and EB70 for € 659. Run they fly!

Offers in packs of charging stations and solar panels

Now Bluetti offers users packs of these charging stations combined with solar panels, to make the most of those trips to the mountains, camping, or even at home when you run out of power. They can save you from more than one trouble when the power outlets in your house do not work, simply by using these Bluetti as sources of energy, that you can also recharge with solar panels. It’s the perfect combo!

Therefore we present the following opportunities and discounts with a lot of price reduction. You can enjoy these prices from December 24 to January 6, but before then, there will be a lightning event every Friday in December, so take advantage.

AC200P + 3 * SP200 Premium Combo:

This pack includes the AC200P generator, with 2000W and 2000Wh, as well as three SP200 200W solar panels. The sale price is € 3,199, when its original price would be € 3,499.

EB240 + 2 * SP120 For Life On-the-go:

This time the pack brings a 1000W and 1500Whh EB150 solar generator, as well as two 120W SP120 solar panels. The price is € 1,599 on sale (original price € 1999).

EB1250 + W * SP120 A Must-have for Glamping:

The camping kit with which we can buy a 1000W and 1500Wh EB150 solar generator together with two 120W SP120 solar panels for a price also of € 1599 (original price € 1999).

EB70 + SP200 Ultra Portable Combo:

In this pack we can get a 1000W and 716Wh EB700 solar generator together with a 200W SP200 solar panel for a total price of € 1099 on sale (original price € 1299).

EB55 + SP200 Ultra Portable Combo:

It is the simplest and most accessible pack to the range, for a price of € 999 (originally € 1199). It includes a 700W and 537Wh EB55 solar generator, as well as another 200W SP200 solar panel.


This Christmas is the right time to buy one of these packs on offer, with which you can save up to € 500 as we have just told you. Of course, with these packs you will not be afraid of running out of plugs or charging places wherever you are. And remember, They will be available from December 24 to January 6.