Bored of your PlayStation? With the VR glasses you will play again

PlayStation VR

The PlayStation can be enjoyed in many ways and with various accessories. Sony’s official catalog is full of hundreds of gadgets that no longer improve the user experience, but rather introduce you to new worlds of the most interesting, such as virtual reality glasses, the PlayStation VR. Well today we come to talk about precisely this accessory!

It is one of the best sellers in recent times. And it is that virtual reality glasses have advanced a lot in every way, and of course, Sony has not been left behind. Well, if you were looking for the right moment to get some, we have good news for you: you can save up to 70 euros in the complete pack, which even includes a game to enjoy the best experience.

Sony VR glasses, and enjoy!

Sony’s famous Mega Pack 3 has more than 750 positive reviews on Amazon, and everyone likes it! The pack includes the virtual reality glasses, with the camera plus five games to start the immersive adventure in which you are going to enter.

And if you didn’t know him, it’s about the ultimate immersion experience. It is literally being in another world every time you put on your glasses. The most important thing is the glasses, with a helmet-shaped module that will guarantee that they never fall off. They have 360-degree vision to watch an interactive world come to life around you. And if you are looking for a more complete experience, you can check out these extra accessories for your PlayStation.

PlayStation VR design

The quality of the glasses screen is important, one of the best on the market: a custom OLED and graphics at nothing more and nothing less than 120 FPS to not only enjoy immersion, but also a super fluid experience.

Not only in terms of graphics, but also in terms of audio, which in this case is 3D. A new dimension of spatial sound that is as if it makes you be in another new dimension, almost literally. Being 3D allows you locate the origin and distance of soundswith integrated microphone so that you are not alone in the adventure: you can discuss game tactics with your friends and strengthen the immersion.

As we told you, a PlayStation Camera is also included to follow the position of the helmet and the PlayStation Move controls that also come in the box, following each angle. Come on, you don’t lack anything!

Insane price on Amazon!

Jumping into the new dimension on your PlayStation will now cost you much less. Usually this pack has a price of 369 euros, but if you click on the link that we leave you below, the pack will cost you only 297.93 euros, a saving of 19%!

Enjoy this pack with 5 games like Astro Gaming that will introduce you to a new world of fun.