Bored with qBittorrent problems? Here we show you how to solve them

How to activate, configure and use the qBittorrent web interface

Torrent networks have become the fastest and easiest method to share large files, although the vast majority of users use it to download content protected by copyright, but this is not always the case. If we usually use the qBittorrent client to download content and we have trouble getting it to workyou have come to the right article.

In this article we have compiled the most common operating problems not only with qBittorrent, but also with any torrent application on the market in general, since most tend to have the same problems, problems that are not always directly related to the application, but to the Windows settings.

qBittorrent problems and solutions

Although most of the problems related to qBittorrent are related to Windows, the platform it uses to work, this is not always the case.

Update to the latest version available

First of all, the first thing we should do if we have any problem with the application is to search if there is any new update of the application to download and install it. Each new qBittorrent update does not usually add new features, unlike other applications.

However, it usually adds performance and general performance improvements as well as solving any performance problems that the application may have on certain computers (the same thing that happens with Windows updates).

To download the latest update, we can do it from the application through the menu Help > Check for updates or directly from your website. Regardless of the method we select, we must be clear that the application is downloading content, this content will continue to be available after updating the application, so it is not necessary to make a copy of the torrent to add them again.

If, after installing the update, the application continues to have problems working, we must continue investigating the problem with the steps that we show you below.

You don’t have internet access

Every time we install an application in Windows, if it needs an internet connection, the operating system will show us a message with the application request, a message where we can confirm or deny internet access through the firewall, also known as firewall .

If we deny access to the internet through the firewall, qBittorrent will never have access to the internet, so you will never be able to download any type of content from these networks. To prevent users from facing this issue, during app installation, the app informs us that it will add a windows firewall exception. In this way, if we do not modify that option, as soon as we download and install the application, it will have access to the Internet and we will be able to start downloading and sharing content.

If due to ignorance or fear, we have unchecked that box, there is no problem, since we can manually create an exception in the Windows registry to allow qBittorrent to connect to the internet without problems.

Add an exception to the firewall

Unlike other torrent applications, which allow us to create an exception from the application once we have installed it, from qBittorrent this possibility does not exist, so we must follow the steps that we show you below to allow this application to have access to through the Windows firewall.

The first thing we must do is access the Control Panel from the Windows search box. Next, click on System and security and, in the next window, in the Windows Defender Firewall section, click on Allow an app through Windows Firewall.

Windows Firewall

Next, a window will be displayed where all the applications that are allowed to communicate through the Windows Defender firewall are listed. To add the qBittorrent exception, click on Change settings and then on Allow another application.

Windows Firewall

Next, click on Browse and look for the application path, which, if we have not changed it, will be the following:

C:/Program Files/qBittorrent/qbittorrent.exe

Next, click on Network types and check the boxes Private and Public. In this way, we ensure that the application will be able to access through the Windows firewall when connected to a home network (Private) and when connected using a Public network (cafes, airports and others).

qbittorrent firewall

Finally, we click on Add and we can start qBittorrent again, an application that will finally be able to connect to the Internet to be able to download all the content that we add to it.

check antivirus

If we use an antivirus that is Windows Defender, it is likely that we will not have access to the Windows firewall since the antivirus that we have installed on our computer is taking care of it. In other words, we are not going to be able to carry out the steps that we have shown you in the previous section to create an exception to qBittorrnet from the Windows Control Panel.

The path to follow to create an exception in the Windows firewall is found within the configuration options of the application. Since there are so many antiviruses available for Windows, we cannot explain the process to follow to carry out this operation. Fortunately, as is a very common process, we can perform an internet search or access website of our antivirus Where will we find this information?

Check if our connection allows torrent networks

Although it is not usual, most Internet operators, ISPs, allow their users to access torrent networks to share files, although in some countries, such as Germany, the traffic of this type of network is monitored, users are sanctioned users for downloading content protected by copyright, assuming in 100% of cases, that it is this type of content.

However, it is possible that our operator if restrict access to these types of networks. If, after allowing qBittorrent to access the internet through the Firewall, we are still unable to download any content, we should contact our operator to make sure. If so, the only solution left to us, if we don’t want to change operators, is to hire a VPN that offers access to this type of network.

Most public networks have limited access to this type of network to prevent a few from saturating the connection, so if you are using a public access point and you cannot download torrents, we already know why. As if it is a domestic connection, we can bypass this restriction by using a VPN.

Download speed is very slow

If once we have managed to get the application to connect to the Internet, but we verify that the download speed is very slow, we must access the qBittorrent configuration options, click on Speed ​​and make sure that the global speed limits, both upload and download descent, are set to the infinitive.

qbittorrent speed limit

It also does not hurt to take a look at the Connection section and check, in the Connection limits section, that the maximum number of total connections is 500, the maximum number of connections per torrent is 100, the maximum number of upload positions is 20 and upload by torrent of 4, as we can see in the following image.

qBittorrent connection

The rest of the options, such as the ports for incoming connections, do not need to be modified, since it does not affect the operation of the connection through the Windows firewall. If we change the port by clicking on Random, we will not be able to increase the download speed.

A file didn’t just download

When we have spent many days with the same download percentage of a torrent, there are two reasons related to this problem.

Update trackers

To download torrent files, it is necessary that other people are sharing the same file. These people make different parts of the file that we want to download available to us, and as long as they are available, we can download the file without problems. The problem occurs when those seeds or parts are no longer available, since the file tries to find the origin without success and, in most cases, enters a loop from which it does not know how to get out.

The solution to this problem go through force file communication with possible seeds. To carry out this process, we must place the mouse over the file that we are downloading, press the right mouse button and select Force recommunication.

torrent recommunication

Search for new torrents

If, after forcing the crawlers to update in search of new seeds, we do not get the file to continue downloading, we have two options: wait and see if we are lucky and that the user who has the entire file connects to continue sharing or search a new torrent.

The second solution is faster, as long as it is a very popular file. But, if it is a very little known file, we will have no choice but to wait patiently for the users who have it on their computer to connect to the Internet.

Still not working properly

There is no better or worse application to download torrent, since they all offer us practically the same functions. However, if we can’t get qBittorrent to work, you should consider trying other alternatives available on the market. Whenever possible, it is recommended to use open source applications that do not include any type of advertising or bloatware during installation as uTorrent does.

Transmission, a cross-platform torrent client is an excellent option to download torrent that has nothing to envy to other more popular applications. If we are looking for a very basic application that consumes very few resources, lllltorrent It is an interesting option, although it does not offer us the same configuration functions that we can find in other similar applications.