Buy Windows 10 Pro for €6 and Office 2021 for €13 at GoDeal24

Do you have a new computer and want to buy a Windows license as well as Office? Today and throughout this week, you will be able to buy original Microsoft licenses at a truly spectacular price, thanks to the GoDeal24 Graduation Deals . June is the month where the academic year ends, and what better way to end it by saving a lot of money to tune up your new laptop or desktop computer. If you want to know all the offers available today, then you will be able to see all the discounts with their final prices.

Offer on Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office is the office suite par excellence, and the most used both in schools and universities to carry out different jobs. At GoDeal24 we have some really powerful offers to buy licenses for this software, and at a really cheap price. To get the maximum possible savings, you need to apply the RZ62 discount coupon when buying the different licenses.

As you can see, we have the possibility of getting Office 2021 for only €13, a bargain.

Discounts if you buy Windows and Office in a pack

In the event that you are interested in buying both Windows (in its different versions) and Office 2021 Pro Plus, at GoDeal24 we have some really interesting offers. To access the prices that we are going to leave you below, it is absolutely necessary that you use the RZ62 discount coupon to have a saving of 62%.

Thanks to these packs, we are going to save a lot of money when buying licenses for our new computer.

Windows licenses at half price

If you are interested in buying Windows 10 or Windows 11 licenses, in their different Home and Pro versions. Today you have the possibility of buying them at a really spectacular price. You can buy these licenses at half price by applying the discount coupon rz50.

In the event that you are interested in other Windows licenses oriented to servers and companies, we also have half-price offers applying the coupon rz50.

As you can see, thanks to the RZ50 discount coupon, we are going to get a great price on these licences.

Other versions of Windows and Office on sale

If you’re interested in other versions of Office, both Office 2016 and Office 2019 are on sale if you buy them in a bundle. These versions of the office suite are still fully valid and work really well. To get the prices that we indicate below, it is absolutely necessary to apply the RZ62 discount coupon.

As you can see, we have significant discounts and a wide variety of packs to choose from and save a lot of money.

Other software licenses

At GoDeal24 we also have licenses for other software that is not only from Microsoft, in this way, we can buy cheap licenses for software related to PDF editors, PC optimizers and much more. To buy these licenses it is not necessary to apply any type of discount code.

If you have problems when buying these licenses, you will always be able to contact the store through the email [email protected] They also offer after-sales support in case you have problems activating a specific license, whether it’s for Windows, Office or any other software.