Buy Windows and Office 2021 licenses in spring sales

If you’re interested in buying very cheap Windows or Office licenses, GoDeal24’s spring sales start today. In this online license purchase store, we will have significant discounts compared to the official price of the main Microsoft products, and we will have a better price compared to other license stores that are similar. Today in RedesZone we bring you all the available offers so that you can save a large amount of money, and that is that you can buy Windows 11 for only 15 euros.

Deals on Windows and Office

If you want to buy a license for the Microsoft Windows operating system, either in its version of Windows 10 Home or Pro, or also Windows 11 Pro, then you have the best offers in licenses. You can buy Windows 11 Pro licenses for just 15 euros, a really competitive price to enjoy the latest Microsoft operating system.

As you can see, we also have Office 2021 at our disposal, Microsoft’s office suite par excellence, which we can purchase for about 30 euros if we buy only one license. In the case of buying the pack of 5 computers we will have a price of €14.5 for each license, a real bargain.

Offers when buying Windows and Office at the same time

If you want to buy Windows and Office licenses simultaneously, you’re in luck, because now you can buy a pack that you can configure however you want. We have the possibility of buying Windows 10 Home or Pro licenses and also Windows 11 Pro together with Office 2016, Office 2019 or Office 2021. Thanks to all these possibilities, we will be able to buy the license pack that we want. In this case you will have to apply the discount coupon «ZT62» to have the best possible prices.

50% discount on Windows 11 and Windows Server

In the event that you want to buy Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro, today and throughout this week you can buy licenses at a really competitive price, and you can have a 50% discount by applying the discount coupon « ZT50”.

As you can see, we will be able to buy Windows 11 Pro for only 8 euros if we buy the pack of 5 Microsoft licenses, a really competitive price.

62% discount on all Office

If you want to buy Microsoft Office licenses, either in its version of Project or Visio, you will be able to buy several different versions. You can also purchase versions of Home and Student and even Office for MacOS. If you want to buy the licenses at the best price, you have to apply the ZT62 discount coupon to have the following prices:

Finally, if you want to buy software licenses for other programs related to the optimization of Windows and Mac computers, and even file compressors, you can buy them here:

We must remember that what GoDeal24 and other similar websites do is buy OEM licenses to later sell them to private users. When we buy a license at GoDeal24 they will send us both the activation license and the purchase invoice by email, logically there is no operating system or Office in physical format, since this can be downloaded completely free through the official website from Microsoft. If you have any problem when buying or when you go to activate your license, you can contact them at the official email [email protected]