Buying an SSD in 2026 will be cheaper than buying a hard drive

Currently hard drives are significantly cheaper than SSDs in phrases of worth per GB, and particularly in the upper capacities (on the order of Four occasions cheaper). The two most important strengths that mechanical hard drives have right this moment is that they supply a lot larger capacities, in addition to having a a lot decrease price per GB. However, in 5 years this development may change in response to analysts.

Buying an SSD in 2026, cheaper than a hard drive?

Just a few days in the past, an analyst printed a compiled desk that analyzed the price-to-capacity development of enterprise SSDs and HDDs. Currently, the worth per GB of SSDs remains to be significantly costlier than that of hard drives however the development is clearly downward, that’s, in a brief time the worth of SSDs has dropped a lot and by 2026, from stick with it, it will equalize.

Price per GB trend

According to the analyst, this is because of the price of manufacturing every product: between 2013 and 2020 the worth of producing hard drives has dropped by 13%, however the price of manufacturing a flash drive has dropped by 33% in the identical interval, and therefore the development is down. In different phrases, if it prices much less to fabricate they’ll promote cheaper, or they’ll additionally enhance capability whereas sustaining the worth (which additionally reduces the worth per GB).

In the following 10 years, says the analyst, the worth per unit of capability for SSDs and HDDs will proceed to say no however each will slim the margin: SSDs are anticipated to cut back their price of manufacturing by 26% whereas hard drives will lower. it will scale back solely 5.4%. The results of all that is that round 2026 the unit price of SSD and HDD will be flat and is predicted to be round $ 15 per Terabyte, ensuing in that thereafter buying an SSD will price the identical as buying an HDD, and from then on it will be even cheaper.

In different phrases, from 2026 if you wish to purchase for instance a Four TB storage unit, be it SSD or HDD, it will price you a similar.

Hard drive producers disagree

According to John Morris, CTO of Seagate (which is presently the world’s largest hard drive producer), those that say that SSDs will kill mechanical hard drives haven’t seen the scenario in the info middle area in any respect. He stated that half of worldwide information proper now’s saved in information facilities, and that 90% of the storage media in these remains to be mechanical hard drives, with solely 10% SSDs.

Data center

This is a actuality, however corporations with information facilities in the tip what they’re in search of is effectivity, and if inside 5 years they will be in a position to purchase the identical capability as they’ve with mechanical hard drives however in SSD, with a a lot larger efficiency, Nobody doubts that they will select to make use of SSDs as an alternative of mechanical hard drives, particularly as a result of their failure price is far decrease.

We’ll see what occurs in the tip, but when this analyst’s prediction actually comes true and in 5 years we will purchase SSDs cheaper than regular hard drives and with the identical capability, we may have lastly reached the tipping level the place the hard drive business stops making sense. Renew or die, you already know the saying.