Calculate how much you have to spend on Diablo Immortal to get it all

Immortal Devil.

Devil Immortal is already available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, as well as PC in beta version, and far from grabbing headlines in these early days for its quality as a video game, in reality he is doing it because of his condition free to play (either pay to win as some say) and Blizzard’s attempt to turn the franchise into something it has never been. But times change and we just have to get used to seeing things like this more often.

How much do you need to spend?

When I arrive Devil Immortal to the digital stores of iOS and Android Blizzard wanted us to clarify the message that nothing we could buy within the game would affect the gameplay itself. In other words, whether you pay or not, your character will have the same equipment statistics as another player who decides to spend money, since they would only change the items on a purely aesthetic level. Something similar to what happens in Fortnite, where players spend on accessories and clothing to show off their wardrobe. The problem is that this has been shown to be untrue.

And because? Well, because the game has a resource that are the legendary gems, that can only be collected within the improved rifts that we enter by activating crests and that without them, they do not give us more than standard rewards. Also, and unlike what Blizzard claims, those special gems do have a direct impact on the player’s stats, so they do affect how easy it is to then remove enemies from rifts and other areas of Immortal Devil.

In total, seeing the content available within the game, the level 50 that we can reach and the legendary gems that are necessary to raise all the statistics of our hero, some have ventured to advance that if we want to shorten the time necessary to do with it we can choose two options: or play continuously for 10 years in a row, or drop around $100,000 in micropayments within Devil Immortal. That’s not counting the entire fund of the game store where things are offered such as extra inventory slots that we can acquire to carry more objects with us… and that at the height of the heights are reset with each new season. So at the end of the current one we will have to pay again.

The calculations of such an expense

There are several sources that have worked in recent days to make this calculation and the truth is that things look bad for the players that, even if they spend many hours on it, they want at some point to have a reward that significantly improves their statistics. It’s been on forums like Reddit, and even some youtubers, those who have sounded the alarm by calculating the cost they consider necessary for a player to reach the maximum level of power in the game. It is the case of the one that we leave you here below, which indicates the basic points of how the system works pay to win of Devil Immortal.

As we tell you, the key is in those legendary gems and, above all, how to get them within the faults that are activated with the use of crests. As the game is conceived and the maximum levels that our character can reach in its different stats, It is how the spending limit that we would have to disburse of $100,000 is marked. It’s, not counting all the cosmetic sets of weapons and tiers that are already offered at prices starting from 25 euros (1,000 coins) to 30 (1,500 coins), including chests with coins and other resources that are needed in the game.

What do you think of this business model adopted by Devil Immortal?