Can a keyboard be used with the iPhone? And a mouse?

mouse and keyboard iphone

We are used to the fact that a computer is operated with a keyboard and mouse, while a smartphone is operated with the fingers. What would Steve Jobs think otherwise? Well, what the mythical co-founder of Apple probably did not imagine is that the iPhone can be used with our 10 stylus (the fingers of the hands), but also with a mouse and a keyboard.

This is something that we are already very accustomed to seeing in the iPad, which precisely gained integers in functionality thanks to the possibility of connecting a mouse or trackpad from iPadOS 13.4. However, you may not know that also from iOS 13.4 it is possible to do it on an iPhone.

How do you do the pairing of these accessories?

In summary we will tell you that in the same way as any other Bluetooth accessory, if you choose such a keyboard or mouse. To do this, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding putting it in pairing mode and, once you have it in this mode, go to Settings> Bluetooth on the iPhone.

Once you are in that settings panel, you will only have to select the accessory you want to connect and establish the connection as normal. In the case of keyboards, you may be asked to enter a code, which will be shown to you on the screen of the iPhone itself. Once you enter it, you can use it normally.

Of course, there are a number of mouse limitations, since in the end it does not offer an experience as complete as in a Mac or iPad, being basically a pointer that acts in the same way as a finger. It should be noted that in those keyboards with a built-in trackpad, the procedure to connect them will be only one.

On the other hand, to tell you that you will also have at your disposal the possibility of connect them with a nano receiver and even cable, as long as you have a Lightning adapter for them. These are in fact a recommendation in case you want to have one lower latency, since in the end Bluetooth technology offers greater response times that, despite not being very noticeable, in the end they are appreciated in comparison with these others.

Is it really useful in practice?

It is true that iPhones are increasingly fulfilling that of being one more work element in the lives of many. However, it cannot be ignored that its practicality is less than that of a tablet and a computer. And basically it is because of his small size.

And yes, we consider even the iPhone ‘Max’ to be reduced, which despite being the largest smartphone of the brand, are still considerably smaller than a tablet or a computer. They can be extremely practical in sporadic moments when you want to write a medium-long text, since in the end the virtual keyboard on the screen can be tedious and even slow.

Now, if you intend to use these accessories frequently and even daily, it is not the most advisable thing to do. Your eyesight will greatly appreciate using larger equipment, although functionally they will offer you the same in many cases.