Can I find out if I have fines and pay them online?

pay dgt fine and other fines

If you want to know if you have a fine, or you already know that it has been imposed and you prefer to pay it online, we will tell you everything you need to know to carry out this management online, make an appointment, present allegations and other information that you should know, so pay attention because we will comment on it below.

First of all, we will tell you how to access the website of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) to find out how to see your fines, pay them or carry out any other Procedure related to the entity. We will also tell you what other fines you may have and how you have to pay or manage them correctly once you have received the corresponding notification or even earlier.

Access the DGT

The first thing you should do to check if you have any sanctions or check them on the Internet is access the web of the DGT. You can do it through the cl @ ve system or digital certificate on the website of the General Traffic Directorate, although remember that you will only be able to see and pay them from there if this is the one that has given you the fine. You will also be able to access relevant information in the application that they have provided for it and in which you can even carry your driving license on your mobile.

Cl @ ve system

You will be able to access the DGT headquarters through the Clave system, so that you can identify you With electronic certificate or DNIe, password, 24-hour PIN or EU citizens. To do this, you will have to enter this web and above all you will see a section that gives access to my DGT. You give that option. Once you have accessed the one that corresponds to your case, your options will appear.

If you enter from the Homepage, you’ll see your fines, permits and vehicles in your name, in addition to your data and other options. If you have not registered with the DEV (electronic road address), you could take the opportunity to do so and thus have your own electronic mailbox to receive notifications and communications. You can also directly access the website to pay fines and manage your procedures from there, something that we will comment on later.

No electronic certificate

You can also enter the DGT headquarters without identifying yourself with the cl @ ve system nor electronic certificate. In this case, you will see the option to do it with reference and key number. Thus, you can check the status of your procedures. Enter the data, do the calculation that appears and search. There you will find the result of your search.

If you want to do it to proceed with your payment, you can enter directly from the penalty payment section without a certificate, indicate the document type, number, name or company name, surnames. Then you will indicate the file number, amount, date of modification and you can add more penalties if you wish by giving the + that appears just below. Then you click to continue and finish the process for the card payment.

Check and pay fines

From the electronic headquarters of the DGT you will be able to consult and pay them by identifying yourself with the Password system, electronic certificate, DNIe, 24-hour PIN or with the corresponding data. Once you do, you can see your fines, make your compost or even present allegations.

See fines

With any of the routes access to DGT it will allow you to see your fines easily. However, in order to view them without having to indicate any information on the fine because you have not received the notification, you will have to do it through the cl @ ve system or electronic certificate. Your fine will come to you domicile or address that you have established, so once they notify you, you will have the data you need to be able to access and view them in the electronic office. In this document you will see all the information you need to proceed with the payment or make the decision you consider.

Although they usually notify you by mail if you have committed a traffic violation, if you have a fine, but They have not been able to locate you or you do not want to wait to find out, you can consult it here without certificate. You will also be able to see your edicts. This is because, if you have not been notified at your address due to being absent or change of address, it will be published in an editor on the electronic bulletin board TESTRA or the Single Edictal Board of the BOE (TEU). Once in the TESTRA, you will have to choose a search criteria or select the advanced search option.

see testra

Pay fines

Once you access with any of the forms of access to the separated from paying fines, a screen will appear indicating which ones are slopes. You can do the same with the ones you want by indicating the requested data and putting those of your credit card. Once you have done it, remember to confirm it with your bank if necessary and they will be paid. Depending on when you do it, the amount will differ, since if it is in the first days you can access the 50% reduction and otherwise you will have to assume the full amount. On the same page you will see the amount.

payment fines dgt

You can also do it from the miDGT app, available for Android Y ios. There you will be able to consult them and pay for them by identifying yourself in the service. For this you will have to go to the main menu and where it says My Fines go to Pending. The Other options Payment are at post offices or CaixaBank branches and ATMs, or at the agent himself if he stops you on the road to give you the fine.

I pay midgt fines

What to keep in mind

One of the main aspects that you should take into account is who gave you the fine, since if it has been your town hall or community, you will not be able to do these steps from the DGT but from the corresponding body.

In order to pay your fines online, the first thing you should know is that it is not necessary for you to be the person who pays the fine. It is the most common, but any someone else can do it for you, or you by someone else, simply knowing the file number of the fine and its notification date. In it, there is a QR code with all the data that are necessary for the payment.

If you do it online, its main advantage is that it does not have any cost other than the payment of the fine, while Correos does include an additional fee for the service. You can also save commissions when paying with La Caixa. It is necessary that you take into account that the fine also has to be pay in full, without splitting your payment, so if you have made a mistake you can request a refund of the fine and pay it again as you should.

Payment terms

If you have a traffic ticket, you can make the payment in a voluntary period of 20 calendar days since it is notified (not put). So, the term begins to count from the moment you receive the notification. If you do it in this period, in most cases the amount can be reduced by half, This is something that will appear in the document that you have received. If the driver responsible for the offense cannot be identified, the fine is not reduced. Remember that if you want to present allegations, it is most likely that you cannot pay within the voluntary deadline and, if they do not agree, you will have to pay the full amount of the fine.

If the voluntary period has already ended without you having paid the fine, you will receive a notification of the Tax Agency in which they will indicate how you can proceed with the payment. After 20 days, comes a payment period of the total cost indicated that has the following terms:

  • Ordinary period, until 45 days after receiving the notification. You can do it at any time by paying the full amount.
  • After this period, It will pass to the State Tax Administration Agency, which is the one that will assume the collection with a 20% surcharge.

Claims and allegations

You can submit a allegation or appeal of fine so online by Cl @ ve system or presence requesting a prior appointment at the corresponding Headquarters. You can do it if you do not agree with the reported facts by providing the documentation, data and information you want. You have up to a maximum period of 20 calendar days from the day after you receive the notification or publication on the Sole Edictal Board. You cannot do it if you have paid the fine because if you do it it is understood that you renounce it.

You can also file an appeal after a resolution has been issued if you do not agree with it. You have one month from its notification to file it. Once you have identified yourself, you will have to consult the file and present allegations about it.

allegations and appeals fines

If you want to do it in person, you can request your appointment by calling 060 or in this link indicating the office, choosing the procedure and continuing the process until you select the date of the appointment. You will have to go to her on the corresponding date.

make an appointment dgt

Other fines

It is important that you know that not all fines are from the DGT, therefore, we will tell you what they are the other fines that they can put on you and how to pay for them so that, in case they haven’t notified you, you know how to proceed at the time. The operation will depend on many aspects, so it is best to wait until it arrives home and you can consult the options you have. We anticipate, in any case, what can happen and how you can carry out your procedures online.

What other fines can they give me

You can receive a fine from the DGT, your autonomous community or city council. In the first case, it will be done by the Civil Guard or General Traffic Directorate, in the second it is usually the Foral Police of Navarra, the Ertzaintza or the Mossos d’Esquadra. In the case of the town hall, local police officers may report you.

This is important to know because if you are fined in one of these Autonomous Communities with powers or in your city, you will not have to go to the DGT but directly to the entities. They will tell you how you can find out, pay the fine or file a claim or appeal. Later, we will tell you what you can do to see if you can make this payment online.

How to pay

In this way, once you receive the notification you will know how to access the service online and pay, as well as the other forms of payment that you have at your disposal. If you have not received the notification and it is the fine of your city council, you can consult it, if it has a web page, in case you have an electronic office. From there you can go to the folder of citizens (or similar) or procedures to see if the fines appear there. You will be able to see them even before they notify you in some cases. It can also take a while to appear, so if you suspect that you may have a fine, but you check it on the same day or shortly thereafter, you may not find anything.

consult city council fines

Depending on the website of the town hall, the way to access this will be different, but in any case you should look for the fines section, which is usually in formalities, and the ones you have pending. If you identify yourself with an electronic certificate, you will be able to do all the procedures. If you do, you can check if you have a pending fine and pay it directly from there with your credit card, or follow the corresponding steps to do it in another way.

If you want to pay the fines that have been put on your autonomous community, in the event that the Mossos d’Esquadra have done it to you, you can do it on the Internet from here. You will pay the Ertzaintza online here. The Navarra Provincial Police can do it here If it is from Pamplona or where it corresponds, you will be able to see it in the document that has arrived at your house.