Can I travel outside of Spain with my driving license? This is what you should know

Driving license traveling outside Spain

It is quite likely that you have ever been curious about driving and traveling outside of Spain to make a special journey or out of the ordinary. But before doing so, and as something important to consider, it is that you have your driving license in mind, especially if you have not renewed it for a long time or, directly, if you have only been behind the wheel for a short time.

Pay attention to your driving license

Whether for work or vacation, we may need to take a car in a country that is not ours. But it is key that we do it in the most correct way. For this reason, if you plan to rent a car or any vehicle on your next trip abroad, you should not neglect one of the most important details: documentation.

What if; We are talking about your driving license, but Spanish is not the only important thing. This makes, at the same time, that we know the traffic regulations that govern in each territory, this as something imperative. Or what is the same; whether commit certain offenses in Europe, such as exceeding the speed or blood alcohol limits, for example, the fine will arrive sooner or later at the address in Spain.

For its part, with regard to the possibility of traveling outside our country, we have to be clear about whether our destination is within the European Union, the European Economic Area or in any of the countries with which Spain has signed treaties and agreements. If so, to drive abroad you will only need your driving license, as long as it is valid and in force. But there are other considerations.

What happens if I travel outside of Europe?

We must remember, on the other hand, that if our driving license is about to expire, you can renew it up to 3 months before the due date, but the provisional authorization until you have the original card will only serve you to circulate in Spain.

Yes indeed; If we decide and choose to travel to countries not represented in the EU or in those where Spain does not have any agreement, you must request what is known as international driving licensewhich you can also request from the General Directorate of Traffic.

Backed by the UN, this is valid for one year from its date of issue and will allow you to drive abroad without problems. In addition, it is very easy to obtain. As such, this document will allow us to circulate in practically all the countries of the world, as long as it is accompanied by your valid Spanish permit.

Do I deduct points for violations abroad?

In case we owe this international permit, we can do it either online or in person. In the latter case, the documentation must be delivered to any Traffic Headquarters or Office, requesting an appointment. Regardless of how it has been processed, to pick it up you have to physically go to Traffic. The rate is €10.40 and can be paid through miDGT.

You should also keep in mind that not all countries have the same traffic regulations. So, commit some kind of offense it will end up assuming a sanction for the driver, who will arrive at the address in case they have put it in any member country of the European Union.

In the event that we have rented a car, it will be the rental company itself that sends you the fine. Likewise, there are several offenses that can be penalized outside Spanish territory: from speeding to using a mobile phone while driving, to driving without a seat belt or driving with an alcohol level above the established limits.

However; Can I be deducted points for a fine abroad? Even if they impose a traffic fine on us that in Spain would involve the removal of points from our driving license, in each country we find a different sanctioning system, so points are not taken into account.