Can there be fiber of more than 1 Gpbs speed in Spain in 2022?

Currently, among the fiber offers of the different operators, there has been a limit that seems insurmountable for more than a year. Right now, the speed limit available to fiber users is 1 Gbps and the question that many are asking is whether that is already the ceiling that can be aspired to. have more gigabytes to browse with the network deployed in our country.

Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes. And the reason is none other than the technology itself GPON of the FTTH He hasn’t said his last word yet. This system is capable of reaching 2.5Gbps download. Now, I could never make them symmetrical since for the climb, this technology puts the limit right in the middle, 1.25Gb. This is indeed the maximum we can aspire to, since it is the limit that each of the fibers that start from the exchanges up to the 64 users it serves can support.

Will there then be fiber offers at 2.5 Gpbs?

At the moment, and probably in all of 2022, we will not see it massively in Spain, but it is possible that it will be rolled out little by little. The cause is that most of the routers we have at home are not capable of supporting these speeds. Now, it does not mean that the operators do not already have the new generation ready and specifically, the key is in those that are already installing and that have WiFi 6. As they are deployed, as happens in other countries, we will see new offers similar to those of, for example, France where Orange already offers 2 Gbps connections. For its part, Vodafone has exceeded this limit, reaching 2.5 Gbps in Italy. In both cases, as we have pointed out, they are not symmetrical and, in addition, the upload speeds are far from the limit (600 Mbps in the case of the orange operator and 300 Mbps in the red one). On the other hand, these speeds can only be achieved if 2 devices are used at the same time. If only one is connected, the operator limits the speed to 1 Gbps, why? We explain it below.

Even if you have 2 Gbps … you will not enjoy them on a single device

This detail is important because in reality, despite the fact that we can count on a connection of this speed, none of our teams will be able to enjoy it for themselves. Where is the bottleneck? On the ethernet. These ports on the routers can only give us 1 Gbps. Therefore, if at any time a fiber offer with 2.5 Gbps is launched, it will be necessary to read the fine print carefully since, as in other countries, this will be obtained in aggregate and never individually for a device.